Why Small Businesses Should Switch to VoIP Technology?

Businesses today are in the quest of becoming better. Leaders leave no stone unturned to outnumber their competitors and emerge victoriously. However, little do they realize that often these are the small things that make difference! And one of these is business telecommunication.

Long gone are the days when business communication was having a hard-wired landline phone. As technology traces its way into the day to day business operation, traditional business phones have been replaced by VoIP telephony. More and more organizations have been embracing the change and by change, we mean adopting the VoIP technology and cNumber virtual phone number services. 

But why? What is the reason that businesses are migrating to VoIP technology? Are there any significant advantages of using cNumber virtual numbers, or is 0300 free to call?

Apparently yes, for the last question, but before we dive into the why let’s understand what VoIP technology all about is? 

What is VoIP Telephony?

In contrast with the traditional landline phones, a VoIP aka voice over internet protocol is one that places communication over the internet network. It is a cloud-based solution that doesn’t require you to be in your office 24/7. The entire solution is hosted over the cloud enabling you to access the same remotely from anywhere across the globe. 

VoIP telephony converts the analog signals into digital packets that are transferred over the network and then decrypted at the receiving station. This streamlines the communication process and simplifies your business processes. Now if you are still in the juggernaut, here are four reasons why you should adopt the VoIP phone service. 

Higher Productivity

Running a small-sized business or starting a new venture of your own, productivity is one of the major concerns. The fact that everything is fresh and you have less experience in terms of running a business, you are bound to suffer from connectivity gaps and additional loopholes. 

Switching from your traditional telephones to the cloud-driven VoIP telephony gives you a cutting-edge here. The telecom service allows you to integrate the system with other third-party applications such as email, CRM, ERP, etc. This way you can keep track of every single process and work towards enhancement of the same. 

For instance, the CRM software integration makes it easier to understand who the customer is, his past communication, and queries if any. Keeping this as the base, you can better interact with them and on-time boosting productivity.

Highly Mobile

Now, what does that mean? Mobility or being mobile is the ease to access a solution remotely and from anywhere across the globe. For example, consider that your office is situated in New York and your customer executive is on his way to LA. His absence in the office would mean that the customer calls go unanswered if you use the traditional method of communication.

On the other hand, VoIP telephony is cloud-based and can be accessed through any device. You can easily take your company’s communication along with you. In order to connect with the system and receive calls, all you would need to have a device with a steady internet connection. 

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 

Operational cost is a vital aspect when it comes to small business owners. You have limited resources and calculated funds. Spending lavishly on a single resource would not be a wise act. This is where a VoIP telephony seems relevant. For one, you don’t need to buy separate hardware or purchase software to host the solution. There are service providers who provide the solution and on a monthly basis.

The cost associated here is comparatively less and also has a minimal cost of setup. In addition to the above, the maintenance cost is reduced as the service providers themselves look after the solution as part of the purchase plan. 

Round The Clock Availability

VoIP allows the business to be available for their customers 24*7. It doesn’t just allow you to let your team be mobile while using the calling or communication-related features but also allows the organizations to let the customers leave messages when no executive is there to attend them. So, with a VoIP-enabled calling system, your business won’t miss any lead or customer message. It will definitely improve things for you, alongside keeping your customers satisfied.


Having said the above it is pretty obvious that a VoIP telephony is not just a business phone number but has additional features that make it the ideal choice for small business owners. If you are someone who is looking to set up a business phone communication and want to know about is 0300 free to call, VoIP telephony is the best bet and cNumber is the best organization to get your doubts cleared.