Voicemod Not Working on Windows 10
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Fix Voicemod Not Working on Windows 10 | 5 Effective Methods

Voicemod is a tool that can change your voice. You can trick or play pranks upon your friends, just for fun. Sometimes, the Voicemod creates some problematic situations that can ruin your fun. Don’t worry, there are solutions for that. All you need to do is find out the correct ones and apply them.

Before studying and applying the troubleshooting processes, you need to make some necessary changes to your computer. Those changes are important as they will pose a good effect on the tool when you perform the troubleshooting process. So, let’s not waste any time and head to solve the problem.

1. Reboot your Computer 

Most computer problems need this basic solution. According to software experts and professional engineers, this process eliminates all types of application conflicts, registry problems, malfunction in Settings, and many more. When the situation of Voicemod not working on Windows 10 occurs, reboot your computer. After the system reaches its working state, turn on the tool and check whether it is working perfectly fine or not.

2. Reset the Mic 

The mic is the only path that helps the computer to access your voice. If the mic is not working properly, then the tool will also stop working. Access the Windows Settings and move on to the system. There you will find the Sound option. After opening the option, look for the mic feature that is present there. Now, it’s time to test the microphone. If all is well, then you must look upon the Internal Microphone Properties. From there, always try to select the highest quality of sound frequency. After that, choose OK to save the changes. 

3. Install the Latest Windows Updates

As Windows 10 is itself the latest OS, Microsoft Corporation is always at work to provide you with all the latest features and computational possibilities. So, whenever the Voicemod not working on Windows 10, performing the Windows update is important. Navigate through the Update and Security, and access the Windows update section. You will see the ‘Check for Updates’ button. 

Click on it, while the OS communicates with the master database of Microsoft. If any updated versions are available, it will automatically download it. Make sure that there are no interruptions or disruptions during the process. After the download is over, the system will ask you to restart. So, restart the device and it will install all the downloaded updates. 

4. Uninstall and Reinstall the Drivers 

The Voicemod not working on Windows 10 can happen when its drivers get corrupted. Without the drivers in their intact condition, the tool will not work well. In this case, the device management section will come in handy. Under the section “Audio input and outputs”, you will be able to see the “Voicemod virtual audio device” option. Right-click on it and uninstall the driver. 

After that, download the .exe setup files from a safe and secured website. Make sure that you have verified and downloaded all the requisite drivers. After that, install them one by one. Then, reboot the computer to save the changes. 

There are two types of installation methods – One is manual and the other is automatic. As per the experts, it’s better to perform the manual installation, because if somehow the .exe file turns out to be corrupted, then you can overwrite it with a new and fresh file. If you have a lot of work to do, then the automatic installation is a  perfect solution for you. 

5. Bypass the Windows Firewall

There are several kinds of applications including the Voicemod that might have a possibility of being blocked by the firewall. It happens because the Windows firewall has some of the best-modified algorithms which block applications from unknown resources. When the Voicemod not working on Windows 10, it’s better to turn off the firewall, so that it won’t be able to block the application again. 

Fixing other Additional Issues

Hopefully, you have well understood the troubleshooting methods. But, there are also some other issues that you need to take care of. What if the Voicemod drivers cannot be installed? In this case, you have to remove all the cache files from the computer. After that, uninstall the drivers, and then reinstall them once again. 

The Data Link Library plays one of the most important aspects of running all the applications on your computer. If the application is unable to load it, then the Voicemod not working on Windows 10 occurs. There must be an issue with the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable software package. 

Research the internet and download the Visual C++ redistributable setup file. There are basically two versions — one is the 32 bit and the other is the 64 bit. Depending on the bit version of the OS, you have to download the package file. 

What if there are issues in Voicemod?

There might be an audio setup error in the application. Thus, triggering Voicemod not working on Windows 10. Just run the application in desktop mode and access its configuration. After that, navigate to the Sound section and move to the Advanced Sound options. You will be able to see the Reset button. Click on it and the app’s sound settings will reach their default mode. After that, reconfigure it on your own. 


When you use a type of software that utilizes most of the hardware resources, it’s better to keep a good security application in your system. Malicious items might get through the internet and cause massive problems. After installing any application, scan the computer. On the other hand, never forget to update the virus definitions at least thrice a week. This will help you to keep pace with the latest changes and protect the system against all threats.