Top 5 Spy Apps to Hack Someone’s Cell Phone with the Number

In case you are in need of some of the best spy apps that could help you in hacking someone’s cell phone with the number then this is the best place for you. We have done extensive research and selected top 5 spy apps for you that are available in the market for quite some time for the sake of your ease, so you wouldn’t feel stuck and go for the information that is available right in front of you.

Keep in mind that these spy apps are some of the best ones out there and have been selected from thousands, so there is no doubt about the fact that they all are the best ones in one way or another. Just have a look at the following information to find out which one suits your spying needs the best.

Below are the top 5 spy apps that could help you in hacking someone’s cell phone with their number only:


Spyier is the only finest option one could go for when it comes to performance, quality and price. You will not find anything better than this tool because this is one of the best ones in the market of spying tools. We hope that this review of Spyier will be really helping for you in learning about things.


This app helps you in hacking someone’s cell phone with only their cell number without much bother. Spyier, the app of choice that is for the use of everyone. The app also operates in the stealth-mode. Which is why you don’t have to be cautious about your privacy. The app does all the tasks on its own without breaching your privacy.

Spyier is a user-friendly app in nature that works perfectly with Android and iPhone devices. To use this app, jailbreaking and rooting the device is not essential. For newbies, when choosing an app that allows you to track the devices, in that case this is your best choice.


By visiting the official website of this tool you would be able to know that you can easily hack someone’s phone with just the number only. In case you go for the official web-page of this tool then you would be capable of knowing that there are various subscription plans of Spyier to choose from.

You can choose the one that comes up to the level of your excellence in the best. You don’t have to use any specific sort of web browser in order to gain access to Spyier. It is 100% authentic. You should not be bothered about being caught because this app does all the hard work for you without making any kind of suspicion or breaching your safety.




This app is special because it offers various subscription plans. To see those premium plans, visit the website and pick one premium offer that fulfils all of your requirements. This application functions easily and tracks the spied device if it is an Android or iPhone. The users don’t have to be bothered about following instructions because using Minspy is a game of a few taps and the rest of operation is on the app to deal with


It is 100% safe to use this tool. There is no need to be worried about the legal terms related to this app. Once you gain access to the target phone with just the phone number, you will be able to see everything that is happening on that phone. This includes text messages, calls, emails etc. 




This is another incredible app that has amazing features and that will help you in hacking someone’s phone with their cell number. Spyine is one of the apps that operate in stealth-mode. This feature makes things so safe for anyone because then you will not be worried about getting exposed.

By using this app, you will never get caught spying on the target person. You don’t have to jailbreak or root the phone when it comes to Spyine. In case you are reading for tracking the device that is an iOS then you don’t have to be anxious about anything as just iCloud account details are necessary at this stage.

It is small in size and operates in the background the time when you install it in an Android device so there are 0% chances of you being exposed for spying. This app has a great customer support service that is really good and works for 24 hours a day and 7days a week and is ready to help you with anything you want to know regarding the device’s activities.

One of the finest things about this tool is its keylogger that lets you to keep track of every single activity that has been made on the spied phone including the things that have been typed, sent and received through the spied device without any trouble. When we say every tap then it means that you can easily gain access to the passwords of the device.




Spyic is a 100% trustworthy tool and original in nature. It functions fine with both devices, in case you want to use it for Android or for iPhone. This app functions right with iPhone and Android and does all the tough work for you. You just have to follow a few instructions here to make it work for you in the right way.


If you want to find out the spied device that is an Android then go for it and install the software in the target device and leave all your worries behind. This app starts working in the background the time the process of installation ends and you don’t have to be bothered about being caught because it is also small in size and doesn’t drain the battery of the target device.

In case you need it for an iPhone then you are not obliged to install anything. You only need iCloud account details and your work is finished. By using this tool hacking a phone by only using their contact number is possible.




This is the last solution here when it comes to hacking apps that can give you access to someone’s phone with their number only. It doesn’t require you to jailbreak or root the phone and it works in stealth-mode.


It came into surface as a child monitoring app initially and because of its amazing features and best quality performance became famous. By using Cocospy you can learn about the places of the spied phone by utilizing its outstanding feature that is known as geo-fence.

By utilizing these spy tools users can easily track the device following it on a map and mark certain boundaries. When the device will cross the location, you will be notified with a notification alert. This user-friendly application helps you in knowing about each and everything that you need to know regarding the spied phone.


Try out the above spy apps one after another because these are some of the best ones here on which you can easily rely on. We hope that this article would be really helpful for you and now you would be able to know which options are the best for you. You can now visit the official web-pages of all these spy apps in your free time and see the live demo along with all the subscription plans. Let us know about your experience with your selected app.