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Top 4 Law Firms in the UAE for 2020-2021

The law denotes all the orders and regulations that need to be maintained to regularize disciplined and chaos-free life. Lawyers have taken the responsibility to maintain the law and are also specialized in different fields. Whether you are talking about house closings, wills, then they are related to non-business fields. 

However, categorizing law specializations into business and non-business would make proper sense. Why does a business require a lawyer?

Well, there might seem no connection between a business and a lawyer. But, business contracts, real estate, taxes, licenses, intellectual property complications can only be handled by experienced lawyers. And, relying upon only one for every law-related task is not up to any good. So, it would be a wise decision if you entrust a law firm for every need, to get a legal solution. Here, we have presented 4 best law firms in UAE for 2020.

1. Fotis International Law Firm

Fotis offers you a diverse and vivid experience in the law sector of the UAE. It is one of the most recommended legal firms across the Middle East. With an experienced lawyer community who are comfortable with more than fifteen languages, Fotis concentrates on the legal implications of the clients. From domestic law expertise to international measures, the lawyers of Fotis Law International Firm have earned a reputation in resolving the most complicated legal issues.

Whether it is incorporating debt or dealing with business contracts, you can rely upon Fotis. Additionally, lawyers strive for the best when it comes to legal advice regarding your business or intellectual property. Drafting any legal contract between you and your business partner won’t take months, with Fotis Law International Firm. The lawyers of this society can handle the most critical issues owing to their years of experience.

And, their variety of services would surprise you. You can hire lawyers according to your specialized factors for the following sectors such as- banking, real estate, healthcare, hospitality, technology, media, energy and resources, aviation and much more. Moreover, practice areas also widely cover administrative, arbitration, corporate, employment, immigration, bankruptcy, company formation, dispute resolution, and intellectual property.

2. Hadef & Partners


Founded in 1971, Hadef & Partners is currently making the buzz in the law firm industry. Accompanied by more than 100 lawyers, the law firm eventually grows out to be one of the notable law firms across the UAE. The law firm has established two major offices at Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The lawyers of this community are known to serve local, international corporate bodies along with government organizations.

Talking about the experience of the serving lawyers, you can avail veteran lawyers. Most of the lawyers have practised in the Middle East and Western jurisdiction for years. Additionally, the law firm claims to be efficient in Arabic, English and other conventional languages used in business dealings in the UAE.

Moreover, the list of expertise sectors for this particular law firm is quite lengthy. Avail legal support in finance, commerce, data protection, employment law, government regulation, insurance, construction, dispute resolution, trade, transport etc. Apart from these fields, the in-house lawyers are a good option for technology, media, telecommunications, maritime, infrastructure, energy and intellectual property.

3. Bin Eid Advocates & Legal Consultants

Bin Eid Advocates & Legal Consultants

Acknowledged with almost 97% success rates, Bin Eid Advocates & Legal Consultants are one of the finest law firms in the UAE. From personal lawsuit claims to business legal tantrums, all will be tackled by the expert lawyers of this community. If you are seeking legal advice, then this firm is worth your visit.

As a banking and finance institution, it gets difficult to owe the debt back from your clients. Bin Eid would collect the debt from the concerned organization. On the other hand, maritime, criminal, commercial, civil and IT laws are the expertise of the lawyers of this house. They have already served more than 1500 clients. 

Besides these, accident claims are one of the notable judiciary approaches of this consultancy agency. The lawyers have successfully claimed accidental policies worth more than 50 million. So, you can contact this consultancy if you are going through a hard time. The experts would reach you for an early case evaluation. Get instant help regarding family and custody law, criminal and corporate law, civil law and much more from Bin Eid Advocates & Legal Consultants.

4. Davidson & Co Legal Consultants

Davidson & Co Legal Consultants

Established by the founding partner Jonathon Davidson, Davidson & Co is one of the leading legal consultancy services in Dubai and the UAE. The community has teamed up with globally practising lawyers. Already the firm has acquired lawyers from the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, United States and the GCC. Additionally, the institution has gained 50 years of experience to solve legal matters with efficient law practices.

The lawyers can support their clients under both private and corporate legal matters. The range of the law expertise includes- regulatory, dispute resolution, immigration and employment, Information Technology, engineering and construction, commercial transactions. Apart from these, sports law, tax reclaim, debt collection, debt recovery, private client services are some of their specializations in the law sector.

Moreover, Davidson & Co has received countless awards for serving excellence in the field of law practice and dispute resolution sectors. Discover ultimate legal solutions towards your private and business nuisance, with the help of the experts of this firm law.

Things to Keep in Mind while Hiring Attorneys from Law Firms

When you are about to appoint any lawyer from any firm, don’t shrug off your responsibilities. Retain your satisfaction by asking the professional about his or her experience in this field, specializations and connections. Check if the professional has served the same sector before. Furthermore, ask about the consultation, service and other legal charges before your lawyer dives into the legal issue. And, hopefully, you can find one of the best lawyers of your choice from the above-mentioned law firms in the UAE.