How To Solve Epson Error Code 0xe5? [Step-by-Step Guide]

Epson error code 0xe5 can occur due to various reasons while you are trying to use the printer. You may note that either the system may crash or completely freeze. Further, the printing quality of the printer also declines.

Let’s start with the most common reason which is virus/malware attack. Along with this, an outdated printer driver application can also be a reason behind this problem. 

You will discover the reasons behind this error and its possible solutions. Here, we are about to discuss the most probable reasons along with the solutions to help you deal with the error code.

Issues Causing Epson Printer Error Code 0xe5

There are several issues responsible for causing problems within the Epson printer and thus resulting in the error 0xe5, such as:

  1. Hardware failure and faulty encoder strips.
  2. Insufficient ink, paper supply and paper jam is another possible reason.
  3. If the cables connecting the printer to the computer are not securely attached then Epson error code 0xe5 can occur.
  4. Is your Epson printer wireless? Then, there is a chance that your computer is unable to recognize the printer.
  5. Overloaded carriage and the damaged printhead can cause this error.

6 Simple Solutions to Resolve Epson Printer Error Code 0xe5

It is not enough to know what is causing the error 0xe5, you also need to find proper solutions for it. You will find the most recommendable fixes hereunder.

1. Scan the System 

If you are not sure whether your computer is under any malware attack that is causing the error, then at first you need to scan the system. If you find any issues after scanning your PC then immediately remove it with the help of any antivirus software. 

After you are done eliminating the threat, restart your PC and disconnect it from the printer. A while later connect it back to the printer and test the printer for error 0xe5.

2. Reset the Epson Printer

Another possible way is to completely reset the printer. This method is useful if you are using a wireless Epson printer. Set up the connection to see if your computer is able to identify the wireless printer. If it can recognize the printer then the Epson error code 0xe5 will get resolved.

3. Thoroughly Check the Printer

Properly check the printer for any type of physical damage or loose wires. Check if the printhead is in good condition or not. Check the paper supply, whether it is running low. 

Prevent paper jams from happening. If you can then gently reset the printer belt. See whether the encoder strip is damaged or not. You can clean it with a dry tissue or a cotton ball. Lastly, make sure that the carriage is not overloaded.

4. Check Cartridges

Carefully open the cartridge lid and see how much ink is left in the printer. Refill it, if needed. If refilling does not solve the problem then it means that the cartridges are damaged and you would need to replace them. Buy good quality cartridges, otherwise, the printer will suffer more damage.

5. Deactivate the Advance Printing Feature

You can try to solve the Epson printer error code 0xe5 by deactivating the Advanced Printing feature. For performing the deactivation you need to first, press the Windows and R key at the same time. 

When a search box pops up type in ‘printmanagement.msc’ and click Enter. A new window will open. From there choose your printer name and right-click on it. 

A drop-down menu will appear, select ‘Properties’ from it. Afterward, select the ‘Advanced’ tab and untick the ‘Enable advanced printing features’ box. Test the printer for any error.

Hopefully, these methods will help you to resolve the error code 0xe5 in Epson printers.