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[Fixed] Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost | Overwatch Error Code

Isn’t it an amazing thing when you’re sitting at home, relaxing and playing your favorite game Overwatch? But then, something really annoying happens. You get a black screen and right shortly after that, you get kicked out of the game. The only clue that leaves behind you is an error code saying, “your rendering device has been lost”. Fear not, as there are most certainly ways to fix overwatch rendering device lost issue. Read more to find out on overwatch your rendering device has been lost.

Few Things that could Trigger this Error

If you’ve experienced the problem then be sure that there could be a few things that could give rise to it. Here are a few things to look at that trigger the overwatch rendering device lost fix error: 

  1. As many gamers are hooked to make game performances smooth, it does have a drawback. You may be experiencing the error if you’ve mistakenly overclocked the system. 
  2. Another thing that could cause this problem is if the system has been overheated. And the only way it could happen is when you have too many programs running in the background.
  3. Also, if the system is not up to date, you may face a configuration mismatch issue. Hence, you’re getting to see the error on the screen.
  4. If the system files are damaged or corrupted to a good extent, then you may likely face the issue. 

Here’s How to Fix Overwatch Issue in 6 Easy Ways

Go through these fixes that are mentioned below to resolve the issue: 

1. Flush Programs from Background

The first and foremost thing to do is check how many programs are running in the background. As you know, the CPU may not function well if there are too many processes in the queue. For this, you need to clear off all the background running programs to avoid the issue. Here’s what you can do:

Launch “Task Manager” using the “Esc”, “Ctrl” and the “Shift” key on the keyboard. In the following box, go through all the programs and check which one is using up the RAM too much. One by one select on each of them and then choose the “End Task” option. 

Now simply restart the system and open Overwatch. Start playing and check if you experience the error or not. 

2. Reset Frequency Settings

If you’ve made alterations in the system to enhance the performance of the system, then you should know that it could be one of the reasons why you are experiencing the error. 

To change that, you would have to reset back to the old one that is the default. If you’ve overclocked the system, try underclocking it slightly. 

Undo the changes that you’ve made in other hardware components. Now you can choose to restart the operating system.

3. Superfetch Services 

If you did not know then Superfetch is basically a service that improves the quality of program speed. What happens is that the system responds much faster than usual. Make sure this service is enabled in your system,m. If it is not then you might consider it as a reason why Overwatch is showing the error. 

Use the Windows and the R key to bring up the “Run” box. Then write “Services.msc” in the following blank field. Hit the “OK” button then. 

Now, inside “Services” navigate to the file called “Superfetch”. Then check its status. If it is not running, then, right-click on it. Then select the option called “Properties”. 

In the following box for Superfetches property, go to the tab called “General”. There, make sure that the startup type has been set to being automatic. Now, click on the bottom button called “Start”. Then, click on the “OK” button and exit the box. 

4. Update Device Drivers 

If the drivers of the hardware components are not up to date, then you may likely face issues with the game. In that case, it is advisable that you upgrade it to the latest version. Here’s how:

Again, open the “Run” box. And then type “devmgmt.sc” and then hit the “Enter” button. Then, the “Device Manager” box will come up. 

The next thing to do is click on the option called “Display Adapters”. Expand it. Then, select the graphics card and select the option called “Update driver”. 

Then, in the following box, choose the option called “Search automatically….” and then confirm by hitting the “Yes” button. Now the system will look for whichever latest update is available. If any available, it will update it automatically. 

Then you can check if you get the same issue or not. Simply restart the system and open Overwatch to check if you get it or not. 

5. Enable GPU Scaling

Here’s another thing that you can consider doing. And that is making modifications in the graphics settings. And that is only if you are using an AMD-based graphics adapter. Here’s how you can do it. 

First, go to the “Start” button and then search for “AMD Radeon Settings” in the search bar. Click on the first result. Then, inside the settings box, click on the option called “Display”. Then look for an option called “GPU Scaling”. Select it and turn it on. 

Now exit the box and launch Overwatch. Check if you’re getting any error or not. Most likely you will not. 

6. System File Checker

Here’s one last thing you can do Oftentimes, if there is a corrupted system file in the system, then a configuration mismatch is likely to happen. In that case, you can apply a system file checker run. Do the following:

Go to the “Start” button and then type “Command Prompt” in the search box. Before you click on the result, make sure you’re opening it with administrative rights. Right-click on it and then simply select the option called “Run as administrator”. 

In Command Prompt, type the following command line at the cursor:

“DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /RestoreHealth” Then hit the “Enter” button. Make sure you don’t exit the command prompt until the entire process is over. When you get the message that says “operation completed successfully”, type the following command after that: 

“Sfc /scannow” and hit the enter key again. Once the process is finished, you’ll get a message that says “Verification 100% complete”. Then exit the box. 

Restart the system, open Overwatch and then verify it the results helped you or not.


Well, in the end, you know what to do to apply the fixes and get going on.