Microsoft Windows Update

Microsoft does away with 3 Windows 10 1903 Upgrade Blocks

Have you had a Microsoft Windows update recently which brought along some problems?

Now you can kiss them goodbye thanks to Microsoft Corporation being very proactive in the matter of quality control.

When it comes to Windows 10 update problems today, the degree of errors are relatively more in control.

And like we said, Microsoft is riding shotgun in these matters. Whatever problem there might be, they’re coming up with fixes for that right away. 

Here, we’ve covered 3 of the issues that Microsoft has done away with. It’s from the new update they rolled out this April.

Now, it’s not completely uncommon for updates to have bugs in them. But in some cases, they can get problematic to the degree of having upgrade blocks.

Let’s talk about such upgrade blocks as it’ll help you understand the crux of what Microsoft has done.

What is an Upgrade Block Anyway? 

Upgrade block, as the name goes has two parts to it. The first is ‘upgrade’, and the second one is ‘block’.

Putting these together, the meaning comes down to situations where your Windows PC can’t identify the updates. Thus, no question of implementing that in your system.

Now, there are things which can be there in the devices which can make these more likely. But it’s not necessary as the main culprit here are the bugs that are there in the system firmware.

This is basically, what happened with the Microsoft update Windows 10 which came out earlier this year.

Upgrade blocks. Yes 3 of them, for which Microsoft was compelled to pull it all back.

But now, with the latest update, you can get. That’s all gone and you’re good to get all the updates that Microsoft launches.

There are some nuances that go along with this as usual, but it’s all good for the most part.

3 Upgrade Blocks: How New Microsoft Windows Update Counters them?

Microsoft Windows is the gold standard when it comes to operating systems for computers. Add to that the majority market share they enjoy worldwide.

This company is always in the pursuit of making their products better and better. And as far as the end product goes. The users know.

But these the following 3 upgrade blocks were a bump in the road, albeit a serious one. But it’s all good now, and here’s how.

1. Problems in Updating with Memory Card Attachments or External USB Systems 

This is arguably the most pressing one among the three, as it has to do with the means of updating.

To get any Microsoft Windows update, one of the most common means is using external USB. In other cases, memory card attachments also help achieve the necessary connection.

Here’s where the previous update went wrong.

With this upgrade block, as it came from the new update, you’re not going to get it at all. To put it simply, use the external USB or any of the memory attachments to connect. And you’re not going to get the option for the update.

When the system is undergoing the process of update, starting with the installation part. Then moving on to all the firmware changes that come with that.

There needs to be the right drive reassignment, and that’s precisely where the problem is.

But with the latest version of the update that Microsoft has launched recently. This is no longer a problem, and updates with the devices we mentioned are occurring as they should.

2. Issues with Dynabook Smartphone Link App Functionality 

This app that we’re talking about here is an absolute marvel. It helps you link up your smartphone to your Windows PC.

When you consider how much the smartphone that you have can do today, and all that you use it for. Hook it up with your computer, and you’re going to have a total powerhouse.

All thanks to the amazing Dynabook Smartphone Link app.

But for all it does, it needs proper compatibility with the operating system of the computer as well. In this case, it’s Windows 10 that we’re talking about.

With this particular upgrade block, you’re not going to be able to sync it up with the computer. And so there’s going to be zero functionality.

The new update brings with it, removal of any sort of hold in the matter of compatibility between the two.

3. Audio Issue with Dolby Atmos in Home Theatre Arrangements 

As for this issue, it has got to do with license configuration. As Dolby is a big brand by itself, with a lot of collaborations that they’re involved in.

But all of that requires proper management of licenses in between the collaborating parties. This is what has gone wrong here, mainly from the end of Microsoft Store.

With this upgrade block, the base of the problem is the problem with connectivity with Dolby Atmos. Naturally, there’s no question of using the extensions which are another important thing.

The new development in the upgrade has put an end to that. And now you can enjoy audio form it again.

Looking Forward

Microsoft has done an absolutely fantastic job in countering all 3 upgrade block issues. And the system is good to go from here on.

But there are problems still, with 2 other such issues. One has to do with the Surface Book 2 devices. And the other one has to do with the Remote Desktop system, which is going black.

Yet whatever the problem might be, you can rest assured that Microsoft is going to fix this up. Just like the 3 that we just discussed.