7 Live TV Streaming Services and Comparison 2022

Keeping the ultimate pace with modern technology, entertainment of people has evolved a lot. That is why a lot of TV services have emerged. If you want to get details on live TV streaming comparison then you first need to understand how it is different from the local cable TV service. You will easily witness that spending money in the local cable is the ultimate loss. 

The local cable service has no extra facilities. Moreover, they are connected with the co-axial cables that create major problems during natural calamities. That is why it is better to opt for the latest wireless streaming services. 

Choose your Live TV Service 

As there are a lot of streaming service providers available, you need to go through their contents thoroughly. Check what and how many types of TV service they are providing. After that, check the plans and its pricing. Lastly, check the customer reviews.

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  • Hulu Plus

It is one of the favourites among all the live TV streaming services. The pricing is reasonable and contains all the latest contents of movies, TV shows, and others. After the live TV streaming comparison done by the experts, they say that Hulu plus is the best overall service that people can afford. Various top TV channels like AMC, BBC America, Comedy Central, NBA, Nickelodeon, and others are available. 

  • Youtube TV

The world-famous video streaming giant also launched its TV streaming service. The users of this service say that you can get most of the channels based on sports, news, various entertainment, and others. In addition to that, you can also record your desired program and watch it later. 

The recorded item is directly uploaded to YouTube’s server and you will never face the shortage of space. The service is readily available on Amazon’s Fire TV stick, Apple TV, Google’s Chromecast, Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft XBOX One X, and others. On the very first attempt, you can check the quality and other features by availing the trial version. If you like it, then go for the subscription. 

  • Sling TV

There are two types of Sling TV available- One is the Orange and the other is Blue. Additionally, there is also another type which is known as Orange Plus. Amongst all the live TV streaming comparison done, Sling TV’s network and the antenna is the strongest. The orange version offers more than 30 channels, whereas the blue offers more than 50 channels. 

Sling TV is available in Air TV player, various Android TV, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox One, and others. The facility of multiple streams is available. In case of the requirement of internet speed, you will need at least 5 Mbps, only for one streaming channel for TV and computers. For the multiple channels, you will obviously need more than 25 Mbps. 

  • Netflix 

Leading from the front, Netflix has beaten all the other streaming services. The 4K Ultra HD contents in it have attracted more customers in a very short amount of time. Netflix also has its mobile version including offline downloads. You will not find any kinds of ads while watching your favourite contents. Tons of channels are available like HBO, Disney, NBC, and others. 

The user-interface of this streaming service has a great user-interface and user-friendly. You will get all the latest movies, TV shows, news at the palm of your hand. In addition to that, it also has its own production house where various popular films are already made and people like it. 

  • Peacock 

It is mainly based on the NBC network. If you opt for a live TV streaming comparison with the other streaming services, then Peacock falls in the category of editor’s choice. It also has the come collection of the movies which can give you real entertainment. The prices are very much affordable. Somehow, the ads can still pop up. To all the subscribers of Peacock, NBC always tries to give all the latest TV shows, movies, and channel contents as fast as possible. 

  • Amazon Prime Video

The official video streaming service that comes directly from the desk of Amazon. It is one of the greatest competitors of Netflix. Offline viewing and downloading are available. You can watch most of the contents in 4K Ultra HD. In addition to that, all the information of a particular movie’s actors and actresses will automatically get updated while you are watching. 

You can also watch certain clips of behind the scenes to know the drama better than ever. If you opt for the annual plan, then you can save a good amount of money. Free shipping and same-day delivery are available. The latest, most popular and on-demand shows are easily available. 

  • HBO

HBO TV streaming service has gained more popularity amongst the people after the huge success of Game of Thrones. You will get all the latest and exclusive contents at your fingertips. The service is available on Amazon Firestick, Android TV, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft XBOX One X, and others. In the battle against all the live TV streaming comparison, HBO has the most award-winning original programming and user-friendly interface. 

Top movies are available in HD format. This streaming service has three versions, HBO, HBO GO, and HBO MAX. HBO MAX will be available soon in devices like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick and others. The service is smooth, uninterrupted, and also free from all kinds of ads. Of course, you will also get to watch all the movies and shows that come directly from the HBO production house.

The Ultimate Comparison 

So, what have you decided? Which one should you choose? You should choose the service based on your own requirements. But first, ask yourself about the main purpose of picking up the service. After getting the ultimate answer, then compare the streaming service by looking at all the details.