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How to Solve the Problem if Your Newly Bought Appliance Breaks?

The appliance has made our work much easier and even faster, be it the kitchen or bathroom appliances or any other. In the kitchen, microwaves help by warming the food, you just need a few minutes, and your food is ready. Similarly, the refrigerator, the greaser etc., helps a lot.

But, it becomes very difficult for you when your appliances do not work. You are completely lost because you don’t know why it stopped or how to fix it. You can either contact professionals or fix it by yourself.

However, before you go for the second option, remember to have some basic idea about the appliance or else it might permanently damage your appliances. Over here, we will discuss how to fix the appliances and other important details.

Information Related to Appliances

Home electrical appliances, like the AC current, are used from the circuit wiring. Differently sized appliances use different circuits and have a different range of functions. The larger appliances must have a connection with the grounding.

According to their power, all appliances have different labels and need different power requirements. In contrast, small appliances are quite simple. They have simple blades, rotating beaters and fans, and also few mechanical links. Fixing these appliances is much easier compared to large appliances.

In larger appliances, the main problem occurs either in the power engine or in the control device. And, due to a fault within these parts, the entire machine stops working. You need to have some knowledge about the appliance if you are thinking of fixing the appliances all by yourself. And, sometimes it is better to contact professionals as some appliances are so complex that you need expert help to fix them.

Rules that You should Follow to Fix the Appliances

First, you need to decide whether the problem is with the control device or with the mechanical device. For that, you need to check every part of the appliances. Finding out the part that is affected is very important.

If you are trying to fix the appliance or repair them, you need to follow three major rules. You are advised not to ignore these rules, or else it might make the situation worse.

First Rule

Make sure the main power circuit is disconnected. For example, the electric power or the gas supply must be disconnected. After fixing the appliances, you may turn the power on but make sure you do not touch the appliance.

You just need to observe it. If you see that any adjustment is needed, turn it off, make the changes, and turn on the power. Now, your job is to observe from a distance. In this way, you will protect yourself from any kind of major accident.

Second Rule

Observe the appliances very carefully. See if the parts are joined together with screws, bolts or plugs or not. If it is, then it will be quite easy for you to fix the issue. But, if rivets or welds join them, then you need to contact or take help from the professionals.

Third Rule

Many times it has been seen that malfunctioning parts are much easier to replace and will cost much less than repairing or fixing them. You can take help from a professional to replace the default part. In case you can’t figure out the default part, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Fourth Rule

For any replacement, the appliance parts are available in store, service centre or repair dealers. You don’t need to search for any particular brand appliance. You can go for the parts that are popular and have a warranty. And, if any part is not available near you, then ordering directly from the manufacturer would be the best solution.

You can see the printed message on the appliance where the name and the address are present. Before you receive any changes, you need to see whether the appliance is receiving proper power. One of the major problems is the lack of power.

Preliminary Step that You must Follow before Diagnosing the Appliance

Before starting any testing or diagnosis, there are some preliminary steps that you always need to keep in mind. The steps are given below:

  • First, you need to make sure that the appliance is plugged in properly, along with the cords, and the plugs are in the proper state. If needed, test the voltage tester.
  • The fuses or the circuit breakers that are responsible for the circuit control must be in a proper state. The larger electric panel has more than one entrance panel. You need to make sure the fuses and the circuit breaker must be in the right condition for both main and separate panels.
  • Gas or water usage appliances must have the proper supply. You can also check the manual or any information. Finally, if you see that you are unable to fix the issue, contact the professionals.


So, this was all about what you will do when your new appliances break. During this pandemic, the use of these appliances has increased a lot. Information related to fixing the appliances is given, along with preliminary steps and rules that you need to follow. Do follow the steps to keep your appliances in proper order or else you might end up calling Appliance Repair Dubai.