How to open json File in Windows 10

How to Setup if JSON Files are not Working on Windows 10?

The JSON Files which are failing to open are a common problem faced by the users of Windows. They are often faced with the problems of files not opening. Recently, many of the users complain that the JSON Files are not working on windows.

Yet before jumping into the solution in order to resolve the problem regarding the JSON Files let us first know what a JSON File is all about and why it shows some problems. Then we will help you with the methods to fix such a problem.

What is a JSON File?

JSON is the abbreviation of the JavaScript Object Notation. It is basically a format for the standard data interchange which is mainly used for exchanging the data among servers and web applications like Bookmarks for Mozilla Firefox.

JSON files are mainly text-based and lightweight. It is the one that represents the data structures and objects by JavaScript Language.

Why the JSON Files do not Open?

There are a lot of reasons why one cannot open the JSON files on the computer. The most common reason is that you do not use the right program in order to open a JSON file. Thus, if you do not have any proper application on your PC that is compatible with the JSON files then it will be impossible for you to open it.

Therefore, for once check whether you have these common programs which are associated with the following JSON files:

  • Firefox bookmark backup
  • Google gears Manifest Files
  • JavaScript Object Notation

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What are the Problems of JSON Files not Working?

If you are facing problems regarding the JSON files then here are some of the procedures to fix such problems.

Using The Right Program to Open The JSON File

Windows do not actually associate files along with a text editor along with the JSON extension. Keeping this in mind the easy way for the users of Windows to open the file is that one has to right-click on it and select the option open with from the menu that is on the dropdown.

Next, choose notepad from the submenu. if your JSON file is more than a hundred kilobytes then you can use WordPad. Moreover, if you fail to find any of these programs then click on Browse in order to allow your PC to find the right application.

Moreover, there is an availability of many free quality tools online which make the searching, analyzing, searching and sorting of the JSON files like a breeze. We are providing here a list of programs that are instrumental in opening the JSON file in windows 10.

  • Microsoft Notepad
  • Microsoft WordPad
  • File Viewer Plus
  • Notepad ++
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Altova XMLSpy

Setting the Default App for JSON Files

Another option that you are given with is that you can set the Default App so that you can open the JSON Files. Here are the steps below.

  • First, go to the Settings<Apps< Default Apps.
  • Next, choose Set Default by File Type
  • You can either choose Notepad or other applications that are capable of opening the JSON files.

Now, you are ready to open it with an easier method.

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Additional Methods

Other than the method of using the right program in order to open the JSON Files you might also make sure that the JSON Files are free from corruption in any of the ways.

 Due to this reason, you might want to know whether your computer is free from various viruses and junk. You would want to delete or remove it from your computer.

Thus, to automate this process you can download the program Outbyte PC Repair. Apart from scanning your computer, it will also repair the sections that are damaged. Hence, it restores efficiency. This will thus, benefit your PC using the Windows security center.

To Conclude 

Thus, to conclude the problem of JSON Files not working on Windows 10 will offer you a lot of problems yet if you are reading this article you can easily fix it with the aforesaid solutions. You can also the files using a specialized editor of JSON.

Let us know in the comment section below whether these methods helped you in resolving the problems of the JSON Files or not. You can also share with us any other methods in order to fix the same problem.