How To Install A Window Air Conditioner?

You can install windows ac in an open window. The air conditioner cooled the interior air as a fan blows over the evaporator. You can use the air conditioner in both the commercial and domestic environment.

Besides that, ACs are also used to cool rooms filled with heat-producing electronics elements. For example, power amplifiers, as well as computer servers. So, you buy an air conditioner to cool your room or other places. Noe, what to do? You must install the AC on the window. 

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How to Install a Window Air Conditioner? Steps you Should Try

Before preceding the window air conditioner installation process, you need to ensure that you choose a window that is close enough to the outlet. Generally, the length of the window’s air conditioner’s power cable lies between 5 to 6 feet.

Hence, according to the range, you should select an outlet. Apart from this, you should follow the manual guide. Now thoroughly check out the given steps and, start the AC installation procedure.

Step 1: Unpack the AC and Locate the Center of the Window

 The first thing that you have to do is to unpack the air conditioner and ensure that all the parts were sent. Next, you should measure the width of the window.  Find out the center of the window and mark it with a pencil.

This mark will definitely make the ac installation task easier for you as well as make sure that the side panels will reach both sides of the window.

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Step 2: Prepare the Window

Now, you need to open the window where you wish to install the air conditioner. If you get weather strips from the manufacturer, then install it. So, when you are installing or removing the air conditioner, these strips can protect the windows from damages.

Move to the next step to continue the window air conditioner installation procedure.

Step 3: Connect the Side Panels

Move the side within the proper place on the unit. You have to slide the panels all the way and adjust them in the windows air conditioner. In order to avoid any gaps, you are advised to connect all the screws. Otherwise, these gaps can allow entering warm air, and pollution in your home.

Step 4: Insert the AC 

 Now, you have to pick up the air conditioner and fit it in your window. On top of the AC, you must tightly close the window. You should take extra precautions while installing the AC in the window as many of the AC unit’s weight will be outside. When finished, then you need to close the window.

Step 5: Install the L Brackets

 The installation process is completed. Now, what you have to do is to secure your air conditioner. Many AC models have comes up with a minimum one L bracket. This L bracket securely holds the windows in its place.

So, you have to screw the L bracket to the top of the opened window.  L Brackets can protect your window from damaged and this is the main damage that can be done while you are trying to install the air conditioner on the window.

Unfortunately, if the air conditioner does not have an L bracket, then it is recommended to purchase it from a reliable source.

Step 6: Connect the Window Padding

In case, your AC model has designed with windows padding, then you need to add the window padding to the sides of the open window. However, if your AC model does not come up with padding, then you need to extend the side panels in order to reach the window. 

Step 7: Protect the Unit as well as Start Cooling

Now, you have to choose the brackets provided by the manufacturers and screws which connect the air conditioner with the interior window sill. This provides an extra level of security. Unfortunately, for some manufacturers, it is totally useless. 

However, if your AC has come up with the brackets, then you are strongly suggested to screw them.