how to reset surface pro

How to Factory Reset Surface Pro without Password

Released in the year 2015, Microsoft surface pro is a hybrid combination of laptop and tablet. Since its release, the Surface Pro is one of the best Windows tablets in the global market. 

But today in this topic we will discuss a common problem that a lot of people face with their Microsoft Surface Pro. Therefore, if you have forgotten your login password but want to access your system then the only option you are left with is the factory reset your Surface pro. 

But in order to factory reset your system, first, you need to know how to factory reset surface pro. That is why today we took the privilege to give you a complete guide by which you can factory reset your surface pro. 

How to factory reset surface pro

Resetting surface pro is not complicated. There are majorly three ways by which you can rest your surface pro and log into the system even you have forgotten the login password. 

In this section, we will discuss three ways of resetting. So follow the steps and you will be back on track. 

Factory Reset Surface Pro without password from the login screen

Yes, you can factory reset your surface pro directly from the login page. To carry out this procedure you don’t even need to use an external recovery  USB drive.

As an additional note: If you have an external keyboard then connect it with your surface pro and the factory reset procedure will be much easier. But in case you do not have any external keyboard then also it is totally fine. You can still easily carry out the resetting procedure. 

Just keep your on-screen keyboard on and you will be good to go. So follow the below-mentioned steps and you can easily log into your surface pro and get your system back.

Step 1: Switch on your Surface pro 

Step 2: On the opened login page, press the shift key and hold it for some time 

Step 3: While holding the shift key, press the power button placed at the bottom of the tablet. 

Step 4: Choose the restart option. 

Step 5: After restarting, the Surface Pro will boot into recovery mode. 

Step 6: Now in the recovery mode, click on troubleshooting 

Step 7: once you are in the troubleshooting window, select the “Reset your PC” option. This will do a hard reset on your Surface Pro (without any kind of passwords).

Step 8: On the next page, you will be provided with two options. Keep my files or Remove Everything. In order to factory reset your Surface pro choose the second option that is remove everything. 

Note: a factory reset will delete all your data from the Surface Pro. But you do not have to worry about that as you can always recover all of your data by using any recovering tool later. 

Step 9: After you chose the last option, again you will be provided with two options to choose from. Remove my files and Fully clean the drive. 

Step 10: From here, choose the first option that is Remove my files (this is the faster procedure). 

Step 11: Now the newly opened window will ask you for the factory reset confirmation. After you confirm the procedure, the operating system will automatically start its work. 

Wait for the bar to get full to a hundred percentage. After the whole procedure is completed now you can log in to your Surface Pro without any kind of passwords. 

Factory Reset Surface Pro without Password with Recovery Image 

If the previous solution does not work in your case, then try to factory reset your Surface Pro by a recovery image. But there is one thing, that is in order to perform a resetting procedure via Recovery image you are going to need an external flash drive. 

Apart from that, you also going to need another system, where you will download the recovery image. You are also going to that computer to factory reset the surface pro with the USB recovery drive. 

So just follow steps and you will be good to go in no time 

Step 1: First open the other computer and go to the official website Microsoft. 

Step 2: In the Microsoft support page enter the model number of your Surface Book and serial number which is present on the backside of the device.

Step 3: Click on the continue button and download the recovery image. A zip file of the recovery image will get downloaded in your system. 

Step 4: Now open the downloaded zip file and extract the installation files. 

Step 5: Plugin a flash drive and search for a recovery drive and create a recovery image for your Surface Pro. 

Step 6: Now once you are in the recovery Drive of the Windows. First uncheck the box that says, “ back up the file system to the file drive”. 

Step 7: Select the external flash drive as the recovery drive and create a recovery image via that flash drive. 

Step 8: Once you are done with creating the recovery drive, copy all the folders from the list of the extracted recovery image and paste it on the flash drive. 

Step 9: Now eject the flash drive from the computer and insert the same flash drive into the Surface Pro. (Remember you need to insert the flash drive before starting the Surface Pro)

Step 10: On the Surface Pro press the volume down button and hold it. 

Step 11: Now press the power button and boot the Surface Pro into recovery mode. (Note: you are still holding the volume down button). Once the surface logo appears on your screen release the volume down button. 

Step 12: In the next window, choose the desired language and keyboard layout and then choose the troubleshooting option. 

Step 13: In the troubleshooting window choose the option saying “recover from drive”.

Step 14: Now select “just remove my files” option to get access to the factory reset your Surface Pro without a password. 

These steps will help you to get your Surface Pro just in the previous condition. You can now easily log into your system. 

Factory Reset Surface Pro with Windows Password Recovery 

If the above two solutions were not helpful and did not work with your problem, and if you are still stuck with your locked Surface Pro. Try this solution and you can easily factory reset your Surface Pro. 

This solution is about getting help from a professional password recovery program. This procedure will definitely help you get your account back on the Surface Pro. There are several password recovery tools available on the internet that can help you to factory reset your Surface Pro. 

Note: Here in this procedure also you are going to need an external USB drive

Now just follow the below steps in order to get your Surface Pro factory reset with the Windows Password recovery system. 

Step 1: First download the recovery program from the internet and install that in another computer 

Step 2: After installation, launch the program and choose USB as the medium drive from the main interface of the program

Step 3: In the opened window, click on the option saying “Begin Burning”. This procedure will convert the inserted USB into a password reset disk. 

Step 4: The burning disk procedure will take some time and once you are done with that press the finish button and exit from the setup wizard. 

Step 5: Now connect that flash drive into your Surface Pro. 

Step 6: Start your Surface Pro and on the boot menu select to boot from the flash drive. 

Step 7: After this, the recovery drive will get uploaded to the effected tablet. 

Step 8: In the end choose the “reset password” option and reset your Surface Pro. 

Once you are done with the complete procedure, restart your Surface Pro once again. This time you will be able to log in to your system. 

Final Words

According to the several complaints posted on the internet, it is very much evident that many users face the lockdown problem with their surface Pro. But in case you have been a victim too then don’t worry anymore, as the above-mentioned solutions will help you to factory reset your Surface Pro for sure. 

Each of the solutions mentioned above is well applicable to the real world and works well. So follow the solutions and factory reset your Surface Pro right away.