7 Grimmy Areas in Your Home During Coronavirus Lockdown
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How To Clean 7 Grimmy Areas in Your Home During Coronavirus Lockdown (Expert Advice)

As we all know, the coronavirus outbreak has spread globally and the only way to safeguard yourself is by staying at our homes. Coronavirus lockdown has been announced in every country to prevent the spread of deadly COVID-19. So, while staying at home, you need to primarily provide your attention to keeping the home environment clean and safe. 

Thus, you need to know the tricks and tips to clean your home. A well-cleansed environment will keep you free from germs, bacterias, and other microbes. With professional guidance, you get a premium quality cleaning service for you and your family.

7 Essential Areas that Needed to Be Cleaned

While you all are home-quarantined, you need to focus more on maintaining the hygiene level of the home environment. And for that, one needs to focus on the inaccessible and most touched areas, like shower curtains, dining chairs, fans, and so on. 

Apart from cleaning your hands with alcohol-based sanitizers frequently, you need to clean the grimy areas of your house as well to stay safe and secure. 

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1. Bottle Openers

Cleaning the bottle openers is quite an easy task. All you need to do is soak the bottle opener in the mixture of white distilled vinegar. And, wait for a while, until you see the bubbles. Now, with the help of a toothbrush, scrub the bottle opener gently using the vinegar. Furthermore, rinse the opener with warm water to make it germ-free. 

2.Drying Rack

Furthermore, drying racks are another required item that needs to be cleaned with efficiency. And, to avoid the mildew growing, one has to clean using the washing liquids. After putting the liquids, you have to scrub it using a rough sponge. Moreover, you have to rinse it, in the white vinegar, to make it free from bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms 

3. Fans

When it comes to cleaning the household items, Dubai-Cleaners are the best in delivering the most effective results. Cleaning areas like fans need professional guidance. Furthermore, these are the surfaces, where dust accumulates the most. A knowledgeable and highly experienced team of experts can help prevent the build-up of dust from the fans.

4. Top of Wardrobe

Seeking help from one of the top-leading cleaning service providers, you can keep the dirt and dust from accumulating over the top of the wardrobe. And, the professional experts only use advanced equipment and cleaning products to ensure you a clean and safe home environment. Additionally, you can even try to eliminate the build-ups using a mixture of white vinegar and warm water. 

5. Remote

The most touched items like remotes not only need to thorough cleaning but also requires proper disinfection regime. And, trained and certified cleaning professionals can perform the whole cleaning job with ease. Starting from cleaning the remote buttons to removing the remote batteries, you need to cover everything. 

6. Mattress

The household items like mattress hold onto germs and other harmful bacterias. And, with the professional guidance of cleaning service Dubai, mattress cleaning has become easier. Starting from cleaning the mattress to eradicating all the dirt, mites, and dust, professional assistance can be your ultimate companion. 

7. Shower Curtain

And last but not the least, the shower curtains are considered to be the storehouse for germs, deadly viruses, and bacterias. Thus, the shower curtains need to be cleaned regularly to avoid health hazards. Irrespective of the material of the curtain, you can easily keep it good as new, with the help of proficient experts who provide top-rated cleaning services in Dubai.