imessage not working on mac

How to Fix If iMessage Not Working on a Mac?

This topic is for all the readers out there who are using Mac devices by Apple. That is why for those users who use mac system are very much similar to a common problem of iMessage not working on mac. 

Now either you are facing a situation where you can receive the message but cannot send or you cannot just anything with your iMessage application on your Mac system. Well, no matter the problem is, you can easily resolve it by following this article. 

But before going to the section where we will discuss the fixes, let us first see why is iMessage not working on mac. 

Imessage Not Working on mac- Causes 

So there can be numerous reasons for the iMessage problem on your Mac. Like it may be due to the reason you haven’t updated your Mac OS for a very long time. Or it is also possible that the iMessage app on your Mac is not able to make a connection with the Apple servers. 

But the good news is that no matter what is the reason, in this article we will discuss about every possible ways to fix your iMessage problem. 

No matter what just stick to the article. 

iMessage on Mac Not working- Fixes

Now that you are here in this section of the topic, then it is confirmed that the iMessage is not working on your Mac too. But before we start with the fixes, first make sure that you have a working Mac device and a stable internet connection. 

Go that all?

So let us start. 

Check The Account Settings on Your iMessage 

The first thing you have to make sure in the fixing [procedure is that you have properly linked your mac account with the iMessage. This is a very simple thing to do. You can easily find the account settings under the preference section of the iMessage application. 

These settings control the connection between your iMessage application and the apple server associated with your Apple ID, phone number and iCloud. 

So once you are inside the account settings page, first make sure that your device is enrolled in the Messages. That means in order to avail the messaging service of apple, you need to enroll your device in the iMessage application. 

You can enroll your device by simply proving your Apple ID. and once you are done with the enrolling process you can check your login status from the Accounts tab. Here from the account, you can navigate everything. 

Now from the accounts tab check all the boxes of the available contacts. Once you are done with all the steps mentioned above open your iMessage application and try to send some message to any of your contacts. 

If it works, then its a very good news. If not then don’t lose hope and move on to the next fix. 

Toggle iCloud Sign-In 

In the recent operating system versions of Mac, Apple has introduced the feature of the messages getting synced with the iCloud. Now, this feature has its own problems, but you can always fix it by resetting the connection. 

So in order to reset your iCloud connection, all you need to do is completely sign out of your iCloud account then reboot your system and then again sign in. 

Simple enough!

If you do this process then you can reset your messages authentication and will also give the mac system some time to resync with its servers. Now in case, you have already data synced on your iCloud then before following this fix you need to take a back up of all of your iCloud data. 

Though this process won’t affect your contacts and appointments your saved files might get harmed. So it is always better to keep a backup of the cloud backup. 

Clear Messages Cache Memory

Cleaning the cache memory of your iMessage always helps to fix the iMessage not working on the Mac problem. So as per to do that first you have to log out from iCloud and iMessage application. 

Once you are done with that now find the “~/Library/Messages” file on your device and delete it right away. Or else you can also keep the cache folder for future use. 

Check your Time Settings

Sometimes users don’t set their time zones properly on their Mac devices. Therefore, you should know that this can cause a problem in the authentication problem of the iMessage application. In case your time zone is not properly or your clock settings are set to manual, then there are chances that you might face issues with many applications. 

Like there can be HTTP failure issues, cookie loss and also one-time password failure. Hence it always recommended that you should set your time to an accurate location. In case you don’t want to do it manually, then you can always turn on the auto-sync option. 

If you want to set your time zone manually then open your system preference and go to the date and time section. From this section, you can easily set the time zone of your location. 

In case this fix also does not solves your problem then just move on to the next solution below. 

Hardware Serial Number Mismatch 

Every mac user on this planet has a unique Mac serial number. And this serial number is associated with your iMessage application. Now if you use a genuine Mac operating system, then there should not be a question of Hardware serial number mismatch. 

The problem arises when users use modified versions of the Mac operating system. Despite the fact that you have managed to get a unique and unused Serial number for your Mac operating system but you can face many difficulties in the future. 

Restart your Mac Device or Reset The Network Settings

This is the last fix of our list. In case non of the above fixes worked for your scenario then you can always opt for the option to restart your Mac operating system or you can just reset the network settings. 

You can easily restart your Mac operating system from the power options. But in order to reset the network settings all, you have to do is…

  • Go to the settings of your phone and navigate to the General section. 
  • Once you are inside this section scroll down to the Reset option and click on that option. 
  • Now finally click on the Reset Network Settings option. 

After you are done with all of the above-mentioned steps, now you have to wait for a few seconds till the operating system troubleshoots and reset your Network settings. As your device connects to the network again, try to send a message to any of your contacts from the iMessage application. 

In the End 

So, at last, we can conclude that the iMessage not working on Mac is a very common problem. And the above article has shown you how to fix this problem. All the fixes listed above are well applicable to the real world and it is recommended by many reviewers. 

Hence if you still cannot send a message to your contacts from the iMessage application then just apply the above-mentioned steps and you will be good to go.