[Fixed] Brother Printer Won’t Print Black Or Anything?

Brother printer won’t print due to numerous factors, such as poor communication, damaged printer or network driver, incorrect port settings.

Offline printer mode can also be considered as a primary reason for this won’t print issue. Also, if you do not use the Brother printer every day or there is an incorrect printer configuration, then it can lead to such a technical glitch.

However, we have explored recommendable solutions that you can apply to make the printer work without much hassle.

7 Easy Ways to Solve if Brother Printer Won’t Print 

Searching for the ways to fix the Brother printer won’t print anything error? Then, check the given solutions and apply them in the exact sequence given.

Solution 1: Check the Brother Printer Status

At first, you need to ensure that the Brother printer is On. Then, move to the Control Panel of the printer. Under here, scroll down and select the “Device & Printer” section. 

Within the “Device & printer”, search and right-click on the Brother printer and select the “Cancel all document” option from the Context menu. 

Besides that, if Brother Printer Offline message appears on the screen, you have to right-click on the same device image and then unmark the Offline option. It will bring the Brother printer to the online-state.

Then, restart the device. Load some paper in the paper tray and try to print a  document. Unfortunately, if you are unable to do so, proceed to the next remedy.

Solution 2: Ensure that the Brother Printer is set as Default

In order to apply this solution, at first, navigate to the “Device and Printers” window. Thereafter, right-click on the Printer Properties option. After that, you need to ensure that ‘set as default’ option is selected.

Solution 3: See the Printer Driver Settings

If the above two solutions are not workable for you, it is recommended to check the installed printer driver settings. To do so, first, go to the Settings section of your device. From there, navigate to the “Printer & Faxes”.

Under here, you should thoroughly check out the installed printers. In case, you are unable to see the Brother printer name, on the list, then you are advised to download and install the printer drivers from a trustworthy source. 

Solution 4: Build Communication Link between the Printer and the Computer

To implement the task, at first, you have to find out the IP address of the Brother printer and the computer. To get the Brother printer’s IP address, you should see the machine. The IP address must be labeled somewhere on the printer.

To get the computer’s IP address, open the network adapter settings and after that proceed to the IPv4 properties. Now, you should open the Command Prompt and furthermore, enter ‘’ within the given field.

Note-Enter Brother printer’s IP address in the place of these ‘X’. 

Press the Enter key. If any valid reply appears on the screen, your job was over. However, if the issue still persists, then try out the next fixing techniques.

Solution 5: Perform a Factory Reset

At first, you should press the upper or down arrow in order to select the Network option. Furthermore, hit the OK key. On the next screen, again press the Upper or Down arrow and choose the Network Reset option.

Press the Down arrow to confirm the changes. Then, the printer will be reset automatically. Now, try to print anything. However, if you are unable to print this time as well, then apply the next solution.

Solution 6: Check the Drive Port Settings

In the beginning, you have to go to the Brother printer driver and then right-click on it. Select Properties from the list of options. This will open a new window, here scroll down and tap on the Ports tab.

Furthermore, select the box next to the Add Port option. Choose TCP/IP port from the next page. After that, tap on the New Port option and open the printer wizard. Go to the printer name field. Here, you have to enter the IP address of the Brother printer.

Now, if ‘Completing the Add Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard’ message occurs on the screen, then it means that the connection has been successful. Close the window and restart your device.

Solution 7: Reinstall the Printer Drivers

If all the above remedies fail to work, then it is highly recommended to reinstall the printer driver. Now, to implement the task, follow the directions provided below.

  • First, go to the All Programs from the Start menu. Within the All Programs, find and tap on the Brother option. Next, you should select the printer’s model. After that, right-click on it and choose the Uninstall option.
  • If a confirmation message pops up on the screen, click on the OK button. Then, reboot the computer. Enter the CD drive on the computer and download the compatible drivers for your device.
  • Next, you should double-click on the driver extension file and from the printer main menu, you have to choose your preferred language.
  • Furthermore, select the Install Printer Driver option as well as click on the Network Cable Users option.

Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the rest of the procedure. When finished, restart your Brother printer as well as the computer. Again, try to print a document and hopefully this time you mitigate the problem.