Brother Printer Paper Jam

Brother Printer Paper Jam | 8 Easy Steps To Fix Issue

Paper jam is a common issue that is often encountered by Brother printer users while printing documents. When this problem occurs, the LED indicator on the Control Panel of the device starts blinking. 

Users become unable to remove the paper from the input tray. As a result, the device stops working until the jammed paper remains inside the device. 

So, if you are stuck with the Brother printer paper jam, you can go through the section hereunder. Here, we are about to discuss the easy ways that can help you to get rid of this issue. 

Easy Steps to Fix Brother Printer Paper Jam Error

Paper jam issue may occur either inside the paper tray or might get stuck within the printer roller. So, you can perform the below steps to solve the Brother Printer Paper Jam error: 

Step 1: 

First of all, disconnect the power cable from the power supply. Then, disconnect the LAN cable from the device. If the paper support flap is opened, close it. 

Step 2: 

Next, remove the input tray out of your Brother printer. Then, examine both the levers of the input tray to check the paper jam. If you see there is any paper junk, remove that out of the tray. 

Step 3: 

Open the scanner cover of the device. Check if there is any jammed paper in the corner of the device. After that, make sure that there is no jammed paper or ripped paper in the front of the device. 

If you are unable to remove the jammed paper, remove that by following the further step. 

If it can be removed, directly proceed to Step 7. 

Step 4: 

From the front panel of the device, get one plain A4 sized glossy paper and insert that into the paper tray of the device. If are any jammed papers inside the device, then the paper will come out of the device automatically. 

Note: Make sure that you have performed this step carefully without touching the encoding strip. Else, it might damage the overall performance of the device. 

Step 5: 

Once the blocked paper comes out of the device, you can remove the extra inserted paper from the front panel. After that, open the jam clear cover from the backside of the device to check for the jammed or ripped paper. 

Step 6: 

Now, you will have to insert one plain A4 sized paper with extreme care. After inserting or pushing the plain paper, the blocked paper will come out through the opening. 

Then, you can remove the plain A4 sized paper you have inserted by your side through the backside of the device. After that, close the jam clear cover that you have opened to clear the paper jam.

Step 7: 

Next, close the scanner cover gently. Afterward, insert the input tray gently to its original position. Hold the input tray in its place carefully and pull out the paper support. Make sure that you have heard the beep sound. Thereafter, unfold the paper support flap. 

Step 8: 

Now, reconnect the power cable and turn the device ON. Run a test print to check whether the problem is resolved. 

These are the steps that can help you to solve Brother Printer Paper Jam. Hopefully, after applying the above steps in their respective order, you will be able to enjoy a hassle-free printing job. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to be Sure about the Location of the Jammed Paper? 

Some specific notifications will be shown to help you locate and indicate the jammed paper. So, you can check the status indicator or the LCD screen of your Brother printer. You might see the following errors in case of paper jamming: 

  • Jam Rear: It indicates that the paper gets jammed in the backside of the device. 
  • Jam Tray: You will see this message if there are any ripped paper inside the input tray of the device. 
  • (Then) Jam 2-sided: Usually, this error appears in printers that support both-sided printing. 
  • Jam Inside: This error message indicates that there is a jammed paper inside the printer.