10 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives For 2020 [Updated]

The first thing that comes to mind when anyone asks about downloading a movie from the internet (without paying any amount of money) is Torrent. Torrent is a huge platform that consists of several websites. 

Everything you can ask for that can is downloadable is available on these websites of the torrent. ExtraTorrent is a peer to peer file sharing platform. Basically it is an online index of digital media content. Mainly including entertainment media and software. 

But suddenly in the year 2017 ExtraTorrents closed all of their services and become extinct forever. To date, there is no trace of the website on the internet. This sudden disappearance of the website made many users upset. 

Therefore, now they are demanding alternatives websites like ExtraTorrents so that they avail the same service once again and watch ExtraTorrents movie. So if you are looking for the same thing then you have come to the right place. 

As today we will be listing down some of the most popular websites that make a perfect alternative to ExtraTorrent. But before going in that section, let us take a closer look at ExtraTorrent.

ExtraTorrent- A Brief Note

The ExtraTorrent website comes into focus in the year 2016. This is the time when some of the other famous torrent websites like Mininova and TorrentSpy also got very much popular for hosting online movies and TV shows. 

After two years, the ExtraTorrent website became the 2nd largest torrent website. ( Pirate Bay was holding the first position). But soon after that, ExtraTorrent got removed from the internet without any proper reason. 

That is why now viewers are constantly asking for some kind of replacement website that will serve the same purpose as ExtraTorrent. 

Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives for 2020 

Now that you know what the exact purpose of Extra Torrents is and why it got shut down, therefore now let us see some alternative websites that work just like the ExtraTorrent. 

There are also some Mirror Sites of the ExtraTorrent. Now if you don’t know what a mirror site is, then let us explain it to you.

[Note: You should always remember to use a VPN  service on your system before accessing any websites of Torrent websites. Otherwise, the peers can see your IP address and can harm you in many ways.]

The Pirate Bay 

Over several years pirate bay has continued to hold the first position as the best website from the house of Bit torrent. But apart from that, The Pirate Bay is one of the oldest torrent websites too. The website holds a different level of fan community from all over the globe. 

Whether you are searching for any kind of software or games or movies or anything digital you can find everything here on the Pirate Bay. 

Though the website has faced many law encounters from different legislative agencies but still is online and running on the internet and hosting different types of clients from all over the world. 

So then again, here it can be concluded that The Pirate Bay is basically the highest leading website among the whole torrent family. And thus The Pirate Bay is the most favorable alternative to ExtraTorrent. 


This is another famous website among all the best torrent websites. The capacity of hosting the isoHunt is huge. And that is what makes this website a perfect alternative for ExtraTorrent. 

A few years isoHunt has a legal battle against MPAA. isoHunt lost the court battle and paid $110 million as a settlement price. But then isoHunt changed its domain name and now it is running strong on the internet. 

You can easily access the website of isoHunt and download your favorites from there. You might not get impressed by the user interface of the website but you will definitely love the service. It’s fast and you get all your files very smoothly. 


Lime Torrents are a bit different from that of the other Torrent websites. This is a magnet link website. This means that the website is contained with magnetic links from torrents across every category. 

The best of the website is that it is clean, simple and easy to use. Moreover, recently the website has introduced a new slim interface that contains large tiles of popular shows and on the top, the new search bar has been introduced too. 

Apart from all these, the website has a huge inventory of magnetic links from every genre. Therefore we can consider The Pirate Bay as a very useful alternative to ExtraTorrent. 


If you are a movie fan and never miss any movies, then RARBG is the best website you can ask for. You can say among all the websites of torrents, RARBG is the biggest movie hub. 

Whether you ask for any recently released movies or any old classics, you can find everything on this website. The webpage layout of the RARBG website is well organized and arranged properly. This feature helps you to find your favorites quickly and easily. 

Apart from just providing some of the best movie collections, the website also gives news, reviews, and rating of different movies. Therefore, because of all these features, the website stands out among the crowd and makes a perfect alternative website to ExtraTorrent. 

WorldWide Torrents

This is another famous website of the torrent family. WorldWide Torrents holds a huge community of fans. With a huge library of different kinds of media files and software and many more, World Wide Torrents is one of the best alternatives of ExtraTorrent anyone can ask for. 

The website is filled with many types of global content from almost every category and genre. So if you are looking for a platform where you can get it all at once, then World Wide Torrents is the best platform for you. 


Basically, Zooqle is a non-profit indexing service. The website is neatly arranged and organized thus making the interface very much user-friendly. On the home page of the website, you will find a list of most seeding torrents. 

Type the name of your favorites on the search bar and you can easily find your selection. Apart from the just movies,  the also has a huge collection of eBooks, web series, TV shows, games, music, and many more. 

Therefore the Zooqle can be considered as a great alternative to ExtraTorrent that will same the purpose. 


If you are a movie lover then you can visit the TorLock website. Because in the inventory TorLock has the same list of movies as of ExtraTorrent. 

People generally go to the TorLock website to download or live to stream the latest Tv shows and moves. Moreover, the website is dedicated to providing only verified and genuine torrent files. 

The moment the website catches any fake torrent, it charges the user a price of $1. 

Hence, if you want to download one hundred percent genuine torrent files then TorLock is the best platform for you and also makes a great alternative to ExtraTorrent.

Popcorn Time

The best about this website is that it allows the users to online stream torrent media files and easily download those files on their devices. The most demanding feature of this website is that here users can live stream all their favorite web series. 

Thus Popcorn holds a huge community of fans from almost every genre. Hence the popcorn time is a great alternative website to ExtarTorrents. All you need to do is to check your internet connection otherwise you will face buffering while streaming online. 

Another great about Popcorn is that it is available as an application for your desktop and as well as for your Android device. 


1337x is another website of the torrent family that provides torrents magnet links. These magnetic links consist of a copyrighted version of movies, games, music, and many more. Thus making the website so much famous among most torrent users. 

The 1337x is quite an old website of torrent and is there on the internet since 2007. The website believes in providing some of the best content to its daily users. That is why 1337x can be considered as a trustable alternative to ExtraTorrents. 


The last one standing on the top 10 list is the Seedpeer. The seedpeer is the newer version of the old torrent website Meganova. The website got famous because of its huge collection of high-quality torrents. 

Another attractive point of this website is it is well categorized and organized user interface. Once you open the website, the homepage will display a tray of all the recent releases. Either you are a movie fan or love to watch online web series, you can get it all here. 

Thus all these features make the website is a favorite one for many people and makes an awesome alternative to ExtraTorrents. On the other hand, the seedpeer website was not online for several days and faced several hard phases. 

But despite everything, the good news is that the seedpeer website is still running now and is making enough business. 

In the End 

ExtraTorrent was a huge website of the torrent family. The websites had one of the largest user communities in internet history. That is why the fall of ExtraTorrent affected many users and many investors too. 

Due to this reason, the question of alternative websites rose. Therefore, in the above topic, we have listed the top ten best alternative websites to ExtraTorrent. So visit any one of the above-mentioned websites today and get your file downloaded.