overwatch rendering device lost

[Fixed] Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost | Overwatch Error Code

Isn’t it an amazing thing when you’re sitting at home, relaxing and playing your favorite game Overwatch? But then, something really annoying happens. You get a black screen and right shortly after that, you get kicked out of the game. The only clue that leaves behind you is an error code saying, “your rendering device […]

discord screen share no audio

Discord Screen Share No Audio? Fix with 7 Expert Ways

Discord is one of the widely used applications only for gaming purposes. With the help of this software, not only you can play games but also talk with each other and enjoy multiplayer accessibility. The screen sharing feature of Discord is unique to help you enjoy your game and enhance your performance.  When you are […]


New Tips For Playing CoD Warzone

When it comes to COD Warzone, speed isn’t the only criteria to measure your skills. Positioning, alertness, and excellent decision-making help shift the odds in your favor during a Call of Duty Warzone match. These Warzone tips will not make you quicker, but they will help you stay alive and engage on more advantageous terms […]


How to Play Games on Your Old, Low-End Laptop

If you’re wanting to indulge your love of gaming but would prefer not to splash out several hundred bucks on a console or even more money on a high-end gaming PC, you’re not alone. If all you have to work with is the battered old laptop that you have faithfully been using for little more […]


What Does the PS5 Mean for Remastered Games?

Every launch of a new console generation is a contentious one, and this is as true for the PS5 as anything else. Matters of cost, features, availability, and more are all personal questions, meaning there is rarely one right or wrong answer on whether a console launches well. One area where praise is universally placed on […]