brother printer offline

Encountering Brother Printer Offline Issue? Here’s How To Fix

Have you ever experienced the “Brother printer offline” status while printing a document or file? This error notification clearly indicates that there can be certain internal bugs or glitches within the software that restricts the users from printing.  This situation can happen due to various factors including printer connectivity issues, outdated printer drivers and wrong […]


HP Printer Not Responding – 3 Easy Hacks To Resolve

If you find that HP Printer not responding, then there might be various reasons that can lead to such a glitch. The possible reasons which are preventing the printer from work normally specifically error in printer connection, a fault within the antivirus software, firewall blocking the computer’s access to the printer or a mismatched configuration. […]

Canon Printer Error B200

How To Fix Canon Printer Error B200 On Windows 10

According to the current tech report, many users are facing the problem of Canon printer error B200. The problem generally occurs due to problematic cartridges, dirty or damaged print heads or issues in the tank holder. However, certain unknown obstructions can also lead to this problem. These are some of the prominent causes, there are […]

printer not activated error code 41

Printer Not Activated Error Code 41: Simple Troubleshooting Measures

Based on a recent report, several printer users usually get stuck with a notification while trying to access their printing device. The error notification states “Printer not activated error code 41”.  This error message clearly defines that there are certain technical complications that are restricting the users from activating their device.  There might be different […]