Epson Error Code 0xfa

Fix Epson Error Code 0xfa Issue With 5 Easy Methods

Epson error code 0xfa appears due to the use of the Epson WF-3540 printer for a prolonged time. Generally, due to a hardware issue, you can experience a glitch.  Sometimes, corrupted registry files, outdated device drivers, and because of the virus attacks, this error code can appear. Once, this error code pops up on the […]

canon printer paper jam

How To Fix Paper Jam On Canon Printer With 3 Effective Methods

Paper jamming inside the printer is one of the most reported problems that occur irrespective of the printer model you are using. When you encounter a paper jam, the device will eventually stop printing.  As the internal mechanism of the printers tends to vary from one model to another, here are the general procedures that […]

Epson Error Code 0xe8

[Fixed] Epson Error Code 0xe8 (Quick Guide 2022)

Is your Epson printer showing error code 0xe8 every time you try to print out something? It is quite common for Epson users to face the Epson error code 0xe8.  The continuous appearance of the error code indicates that the OS might be corrupted or the printer driver is not compatible with the system. Therefore, […]


Why Brother Printer in Error State Message Occurs? (StepWise Guide)

It is reported that users often encounter the Brother printer in error state. There can be various factors responsible for this issue. The prominent factors include outdated printer driver, incorrect printer settings, certain technical complications within the print spooler service.  If you are encountering this same error, then you need to apply a few troubleshooting […]


[Fixed] Brother Printer Won’t Print Black Or Anything?

Brother printer won’t print due to numerous factors, such as poor communication, damaged printer or network driver, incorrect port settings. Offline printer mode can also be considered as a primary reason for this won’t print issue. Also, if you do not use the Brother printer every day or there is an incorrect printer configuration, then […]