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7 Best Streaming Media Player for 2020-2021

Cable TV is becoming obsolete, but with the advancement of technology, a variety of streaming devices have come up. Various renowned companies have participated in producing the best streaming media players that can provide you with real entertainment at affordable prices. 

These streaming devices will be attached to the TV. On the other hand, it will need a good internet connection to play your desired movies and TV shows. They are easy to use with the dedicated remote, as well as can also be connected through the mobile phone. 

Best Streaming Media Players: The Unique Collections

Here are some of the best and affordable media players with their details. Just go through them carefully and observe. After that, think and choose the one that is suitable for you. Every device will not be able to fulfil your requirement. That is why we have listed the best from a vast array of collections. 

1.Roku streaming media stick+

It is cheap and capable of delivering you the entertainment in 4K Ultra High Definition. The device has a massive collection of applications. You can switch over to any app you want. If the internet quality is good, then you will not get any type of buffering while viewing even in full HD, as well as ultra HD streaming. The power and volume buttons are also there in the device, as well as in the remote. The Roku streaming stick also has a powerful amplifier. With the help of it, you can easily control the device from any corner of your home. 

2.Chromecast with Google TV

With the collection of over more than 6500 applications, it is considered one of the best streaming media players in the world of entertainment. The spectacular vision ability from Dolby will give a great picture quality. It also supports various HDR formats such as HDR10, HDR10+ and others. 

On the other hand, if you are ready to experience real entertainment, then you can easily have it with this Dolby Digital, Digital Plus and the latest Dolby Atmos. The user interface is easy to use, with the help of the dedicated remote. 

3.Amazon Fire TV cube 2019

It is the second-generation device that belongs to the Amazon entertainment brand. You might call it the best streaming media player, an alternative to the Amazon TV stick. With dedicated Alexa controls, you can manipulate the features just over the voice. Additional HDR formats are also available on the device. As usual, you can watch your favourite movies and TV shows, that too in 4K Ultra High Definition. It has earned the editor’s choice amongst all the streaming devices. 

4.Apple TV 4K

As the wait is over for the Apple users, they are now able to get their desired entertainment device from the software giant. It is the Apple TV in Ultra High Definition, which is 4K. This device is only developed for those who prefer to live and work in the iOS environment. The 4K version of the Apple TV also has the support of HDR10, as well as Dolby Vision for perfect entertainment. The performance in terms of Wi-Fi is fantastic with the availability of SIRI, the AI speech recognition algorithm. 

5.Nvidia Shield TV

The name Nvidia is quite familiar with the people who love to play games. Obviously, you can play your favourite games, as well as enjoy other entertaining audios and videos. The media features are great with exclusive features. So, you can play games, as well as browse online. 

There will be no lagging issues, the internet connection remains uninterrupted. If you have kids at your home, they can watch their favourite cartoon shows in HD quality. It is quite expensive, but the features are too good, thus it will be worth buying.

6.Roku Ultra 

This best streaming media player is wired and expensive. But, if you look at the features, then you will just get impressed. With the help of super-fast sensors, the response from the device will be much faster than any other devices. The device also contains an ethernet port for a wired connection. If Roku ultra is facing issues with the wireless connectivity, then you can use the device by inserting the internet cable directly to the port. Tons of applications are preloaded in the device with Dolby Vision viewing feature. 

7.Roku Express 

It is the sister device of all the Roku entertainment bundles. The default picture quality of Roku express is 1080 full High Definition. It is low in price and is affordable. There are multiple numbers of streaming services available. With the help of a good and simple user interface, you will not face any difficulties operating it. But, according to experts, the service of 4K is not available. It might be a major drawback in the future. 

The Best Streaming Services Available For Your Smartphone


Before buying any streaming device, you must know your requirements. Because every device comes with some unique features. Some devices have a good collection of streaming services that deal with only movies and TV shows. Others deal with documentaries and animal lives or maybe history, politics, news, food and more. So, based on your taste in entertainment, you have to select the desired device. You can get it from a nearby electronics shop or can also order online.