6 Best Debt Collection Software Targeting Small Business in 2020

While running a business, often you have to allow debts in order to maintain good customer relationships. Having a type of customer who hardly tries to return the money is a sort of accounting nightmare. In order to maintain debts, you need a proper tool or software.

Finding the best debt collection software is now faster and easier. These new innovations will surely eliminate all the manual hassles while collecting debts. In addition to that, all the receivable functions of the software will help you to get paid in time. So, here we are about to discuss the most highly preferred software for debt collection.

Debt Collection Software that meets Business Need

Managing payments of customer’s invoices are one of the main jobs of debt collection software. Along with that, you can also send payments, offer payments, and add terms and conditions to transaction statements for your customers. It will generally decrease the risk of not getting your deserving money from the customers.

Experian Debt Collection Software

It is the premium debt collection software that offers free business credit scores. Additionally, it also allows you to create a debt management system for your business. Here, you can locate all of your debtors, generate collection reports, reduce credit risk, and manage debts. 

Simplicity Collect 

Simplicity Collect is an incredible debt collection software that offers its service to every business organization. The facility of cloud storage and easy to access operations makes it a great deal. It will help you to import your data free of cost. 

Simplicity Collect debt collection software comes in three different plans. The first basic plan consists of only one user administrator, 100 accounts, and only one client. The Pro version without any contract allows three users. It also gives unlimited access to accounts and clients with data import facilities. 

In addition to that, the Pro version has the facility to accept credit card payments from the debtors. You will also get QuickBooks integration and host other software from the servers. 

Anytime Collect Software 

This software mainly focuses on the collection process where you will get paid by the customers quickly. This software imparts three plans. The Essential plan has online statements and payment facilities with document management functions. Furthermore, it also has a dashboard and reporting functions as well. 

The standard plan includes all the contents of essential plans. Including that, it will also deal with workload management, goal management, customize data synchronization, dispute management, and many more. The Pro plan features both essential and standard plans. Including that, it also allows you to do multi-channel sequencing, CRM integration. 

InterProse ACE

With the help of a virtual agent, InterProse stands out to be an excellent application. It can process settlements and payments with the help of creating several schedules. There are also three plans for the software. The account management plan helps to re-classify the debts that are assigned, third-party collection agents. 

The virtual Collector edition will help you to accept payments from the debtors via various payment gateways. All you need to do is, create your own payment plans based on your defined guidelines. The ACE plan allows you to process account bundling, credit reporting, automated communications, and others. 

The Cogent

Cogent focuses mainly on legal market conditions, it provides the necessary tools to manage, control, manipulate the automate collections, and case management. If you take up Cogent as a debt collection software, then it will manage the assignment and cases from the state court docket, integrating credit report data. Moreover, it will also receive alerts when you open a claim of a potential violation. 

The other general facilities of Cogent are maintaining contact management, commission management, compliance management, transaction management, call back management, autodialer, in house collections, and others. The version of Cogent is available on PC, Android, and iOS platforms. 

Beyond ARM

Beyond ARM is generally for small business concerns and it is quite easy to use. The software contains transaction management, payment plans, and many more. Features like recurring billing, invoice processing, partial payments, check processing, and others, are also available. Beyond ARM has the versions of PC and mobile devices. 


All startups, SMEs, agencies, and enterprises prefer to use software that is highly reliable and secured for their debt collections and management. A hybrid deployment facility is one of the most sought after applications where the debtors will be able to pay you monthly as well as yearly. So, choose an app that helps you Through debt collection situation.