Cord-Cutters Live TV

8 Best Cord-Cutters Live TV Streaming of 2020

Owing to the developments, technology is said to reach its pinnacle. That’s why cord-cutting is gradually becoming popular nowadays. TV networks have given positive feedback on bringing channels on the internet. In doing so, people will be able to enjoy their favourite shows without the need of any satellite TV. 

This is where the competition begins regarding which platform will be providing access to all these TV channels within the viewer’s budget. Thus, to help you choose, here we have listed popular live-streaming platforms of TV service. Read to find more. 

Remarkable Live TV Streaming Service within Your Budget

Looking for some of the best live streaming platforms of 2020? Here are the latest cord-cutters that you need to take into consideration if you intend to subscribe to a TV streaming application. 

YouTube TV

It is one of the most popular streaming platforms available. For most of the people, it might not somehow meet each and every need of a cord-cutter but it obviously has a broad selection of entertainment channels. With the help of Cloud DVR service, you can record your desired program for up to nine months. If you are looking for your cable TV replacement, YouTube TV will be the safest choice. 

Sling TV

Sling TV has more channels compared to AT&T and Philo. Its interface is simple and user friendly. Sling TV is much better and cheaper than YouTube TV, HULU Plus, and others. This TV service comes with two variants, Sling Orange and Sling Blue. The Orange variant is especially for those people who love Disney. It’s the Disney and ESPN package. Whereas the Blue is for Fox and NBC packages. 

AT&T Watch TV

It is one of the most ultra-cheap alternatives when compared to other TV streamers. According to recent statistics, the line up of this TV consists of 30 channels and those channels are available on-demand. But, there are some channels like AMC, BBC America, HGTV which are now not available. The interface is fun and easy to regulate. Leaving aside Roku, it is available on all streaming platforms. 

HULU Plus Live TV

Nowadays, HULU is considered one of the greatest assets of TV integration. Its cable-like interface helps customers to use it easily and effectively. HULU is a bit costly and you have to think twice before accepting the subscription. However, its channel count is much stronger than the others. HULU also has the facility of Cloud DVR. In some cases, HULU won’t allow skipping ads which are not at all flexible. 


It is an HBO bundled TV streaming platform for all HBO lovers. You might have to send a little bit of extra with the base package but the channels are top-notch. There is a facility of paying for more channels if you want. Along with the top channel choices, the DVR needs a few more improvements, making it the one and only drawback. The interface is much more traditional and user-friendly. You will be able to swipe right as well as left to change channels. 

Fubo TV

Are you a Football fan? But tired of searching for sports channels that show only football? Just change the cord and bring Fubo TV. It consists of a wide array of channels which makes one of the great choices after YouTube TV. Fubo TV mainly focuses on sports, especially football. That is why it makes it attractive and exclusively for the sportspeople. However, there is one major drawback and that is, it doesn’t have a mobile version. So, you cannot watch your favourite football match on mobile and tablets. 


It is a family-oriented TV service with a clean and easy to use interface. There are channels specifically for your kids where they can enjoy stupendous animation programs. It has a humongous collection of movies and TV shows which will never disappoint you. In addition to that, they’re also a few programs that are quite famous and developed at Disney’s own production house. 

Apple TV+

Apple has spent a ton of time and money to develop its first TV service. It is reasonable and the user’s interface is easy to use. One of the main reasons for Apple TV to enter the critics is there isn’t a lot of content compared to the other TV streaming service. 

Finally, select your cord-cutting Live TV service…

Do you want to know how you can select the best Live TV streaming service? In order to get a reasonable, user-friendly, and good TV service you need to have a sneak-peek on the number of channels that the TV service is providing. In addition to that, make sure that there are facilities for adding channels, according to your preference. 

After that, look at the specifications and observe whether the program recording feature is there or not. It will help you to watch your desired show in case you miss it during the schedule. Now, last but not least, an active and uninterrupted broadband connection is the mandatory component for running an internet TV service.  Looking for TV Repair? Simply Contact for TV Repair Service in Dubai.