akamai netsession client

What is Akamai NetSession Client and should you Remove It?

You may come across a program called Akamai NetSession client When you are checking out programs installed on your computer. To improve the downloading of a computer, Akamai installed this interface program. However, many of you may be having questions like “what is the Akamai NetSession interface?” Or “where did the Akamai NetSession client come from when I have not installed it?” or “should Akamai NetSession client be removed from your computer?” You don’t have to worry as I will be discussing this and will clear all your doubts.

What is Akamai NetSession Client?

It helps to increase the quality and speed of the downloads over the internet and is basically a download manager. This is a tool that will help you with downloading media, data, and applications faster from various reliable sources. There is a great chance that the download is powered by Akamai NetSession Interface when you are downloading software from companies that are offering media streams, documents and PDF files

The Process by which Akamai NetSession Client got installed on the computer?

Since it comes bundled with many programs and software, it usually gets installed when you are installing these programs. Another reason for Akamai NetSession Client got installed is because you checked in the box for “I agree” in a hurry when you were installing a program.

The working of Akamai NetSession Interface

It helps in transferring the process between the games which have similar files to seamlessly update to. This is a connection between virtual storage space and your computer. It helps in transferring files from your computer to that storage as well as from the storage to your computer.
This helps in updating the games continuously as they get new updates every week. The games need to send you the patches so that when you want to play the game, you do have to wait. This system is used by many broadcasting software as well.

If you want to uninstall it, you can do it and it will have no bad effect on your computer. It is just that when you are playing games, if there is any recently updated patch available, you have to wait for it to get downloaded, and only then you will be able to play it. Due to this reason, many famous developers take the help of this Software patching service for delivering their patches quickly to their users.

Akamai NetSession interface features are as follows:-

1. This helps in the reliable and quick delivery of downloads.

2. It helps the customers and the companies to complete the downloads easily as it is an extension of Akamai’s global server network.

3. Akamai NetSession interface supports SSL security and hence is extremely secure.

Is Akamai NetSession safe and Should you remove it?

First of all, this is not a system file, it is used to boost the streams from Akamai and downloads, and is only an add-on. It is not a threat to the security of your computer and you don’t need to uninstall it. However, it is your choice whether you want to uninstall it or not.

Since its main function is to speed up the process of download for some companies. So, if you remove it, it may slow down the process. Additionally, there is also the risk of breaking the applications. This interface is used by famous companies like Adobe, Airbnb, Absolute, 5Miles, 99Tests, and NASA.

However, your computer may red flag the Akamai NetSession interface as spyware if you have installed it as a part of the BIOS update. But it is a false alarm and Akamai NetSession is safe. This gets installed only when you give permission. Additionally, you also have the ability to uninstall it if you want.
Where on my computer is the Akamai NetSession interface installed?

The process of Akamai NetSession happens in the background. If you want to see the service of it, you can view it in the Control Panel of your Windows computer. For Mac users, they have to enter the tab of System Preference.

The process for stopping Akamai NetSession Interface

If you have decided to stop the process of Akamai NetSession Client, then you can do it by following the given process:-

  1. First of all, you have to enter the Control Panel for Windows users. For Mac users, they have to open System Preferences.
  2. For Mac users, they have to go to the tab of Preference. Then, find the Akamai NetSession client on both Windows and Mac.
  3. After that, you have to click on the button “Stop” to make the service of the Akamai NetSession interface to stop.

After this process, the NetSession process will stop completely. However, if you want to start the process again, you just have to press the Start button.

Akamai NetSession interface uninstallation process

If you want to uninstall the Akamai NetSession then you have to follow the given methods. There are two methods by which you can uninstall it.

1. Command prompt

So, let us see the process of uninstalling the Akamai NetSession Interface by using the command prompt. We will see the process for both Windows and Mac.


1. First of all, you have to click on the Windows key on the keyboard. After that, you have to write ‘CMD’ or ‘Command Prompt’ in the search bar.

2. After that, you have to open the application of Command Prompt.

3. Then, by using the DOS command, you have to go to the folder of the NetSession installer.

4. Now, you have to write the given commands. You have to click “Enter” after each command.

cd Users\<user-name>\AppData\Local\Akamai

5. Next, you have to write “admintool.exe uninstall-force”. After writing this, press “Enter”. This will uninstall the NetSession interface. You have to wait for some before the process is complete.


1. First of all, you have enter the option of “Applications”.

2. Then, you have to open the folder of “Utilities”.

3. After that, you have to go to the Terminal and do double left-click on it.

4. Next, you have to find the folder of Akamai NetSession within the Terminal.

5. After that, you have to write the given command in the terminal and hit the Return key:

./admintool uninstall –force

6. Lastly, you have to wait until the process is completed and the NetSession is being uninstalled.


I hope that from the above discussion you have understood what is Akamai NetSession Client? And also the process for stopping it and uninstalling it. As you have known from the above discussion that it is not a virus and does not pose a threat to your computer security. It is a very helpful interface and helps in speeding up the downloading process for many famous companies. Keeping it or stopping or uninstalling it completely is your decision.