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How to access ATT Uverse Login? [Things you have to do]

AT&T’s U-verse is one of the oldest telecommunication service providers of the global market. From television programming to telephonic service, from telephonic service to high-speed internet access, the U-verse is a beast service provider for everyone.

In order to use the service of AT&T’s U Verse, you need to carry out a login procedure. That means in order to connect your computer to the wireless network, you have to create an account on the U verse.

The internet is always filled with questions like, how to log in to U verse via a router. The steps are very simple and can be easily carried out. That is why today in this article we are going to discuss some steps by which you can easily log in to your AT&T’s U verse with the help of any router.

But before going straight into that section, initially let us see some basic functionalities and working of  AT&T’s U verse.

ATT Uverse Login:

First released in the year 2006, the AT&T Uverse or generally known by the name only Uverse is one of the most popular telecommunication service providers. There are a lot of services included in the att Uverse that attracted more and more users.

Uverse includes services like broadband internet, IP telephony,  and IPTV telephone. The service of the Uverse is widely spread over more than 48 states. Therefore make the U verse a trustable service provider.

Therefore if you are residing among these states, then in order to avail of the service of the U verse, you need to carry out a login procedure and create an account. Just like all other telecommunication service providers, att Uverse also provides a router modem to its users.

This router modem allows the user to access the service of AT&T Uverse. Sometimes people face some difficulties while logging into their Uverse router. That is why today in this topic we will discuss some steps by which you can easily log in to your U verse router.

ATT Uverse Router Login- Modem

Now generally this case happens when either you are changing your ISP (internet service provider) or you have some other problems with your modem and now you cannot log in.

Therefore, if you are unable to access or log in to the att Uverse router modem then the below-mentioned steps will help you to solve your problem.

1. Locate the WiFi Network Username and Password on your Uverse Router Modem

As the first step of the complete procedure, you need to locate the username and password of the Wifi Network. To carry out this procedure you are going to need a PC or laptop or any smartphone. And that device should be connected to the router’s modem network.

Now turn your modem upside down. In the backside, you will find a label imprinted on the body of the modem. This label consists of all the router network information. Therefore, from there determine the WiFi access point and the WiFi network password.

  • The name of the WiFi access point is written as an SSID, and the text starts generally starts with “ATT” or “2WIRE”.
  • You will find the access point password just below the SSID as a WiFi password.

Now that you have got all the required information, therefore open the WiFi settings of your device and connect your device to the router network access point.

[Note: in case you are unable to connect via your WiFi, then you can always connect an ethernet. Connect one end to the LAN port of your computer and another into the Uverse router modem]

2. Open your Browser and Search the Uverse Router IP address

Once you are done with connecting your device to the router network, therefore now you have to carry out the rest of the procedure.

  • Open your browser on your device (That is still connected to the Uverse router-modem network)
  • Navigate to the search bar of your browser type in and hit the enter.

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In the next window, you will be presented with the router’s web interface. Here, depending on your Uverse router-modem model either you will end up on a login page or on a page with a list of settings(from here also you can log into your Uverse account).

In the opened dialog box type in your login credentials that are the username and the password. But then also if you get a prompt to the system password window then move on to the next step.

3. Enter the System Password in the Prompted Window

There are certain cases, where after giving the login credentials the user gets prompted to a system password window. Here you have to enter the system password that is written on either side of your Uverse router modem.

The WiFi password and the system password are not the same. So do not do this mistake. Now if you can’t find any kind of imprinted system password on either side of your modem body then keep the field empty and press enter.

Still, if you are unable to login then call the customer support of AT&T and demand a valid system number.

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4. Navigate through the Router’s Web Interface

Once you are done with the login procedures and have successfully logged into your Uverse routers account. Therefore from here, you can easily access everything of the settings of your router.

How to Reset ATT Uverse Router Login?

Sometimes apart from just Uverse router login issues, users also encounter any kind of problems. And as everyone knows that the best solution for these types of problems is reset.

That is why there are several questions on the internet regarding how to reset an att Uverse router. Hence if you have the same question in mind then follow the below-mentioned steps to reset your att Uverse router.

  • Look at the backside of your router modem. There you will find a small button
  • The button will be labeled as Reset.
  • Press this button and hold it for almost 15 to 20 seconds.
  • During this time period, the router modem will restart itself. And you can tell that by the blinking of the lights.
  • Once you have reset your modem, now start the modem freshly.

Go to the router network login page and try to login by providing the default username and password(printed on either side body of the router). If you are still unable to log in to your Uverse account then contact the customer support of ATT Uverse.

How to use your own Router to access the ATT Uverse Login?

It is never mandatory that in order to access the ATT Uverse services you have to use the router provided by them. You can always use your own router instead.

There are certain procedures by which you easily open your Uverse account from your own router modem. Therefore just follow the below steps.

  • First, take an RJ45 LAN cable and connect one end of the cable to your own router and the other end to the Uverse modem.
  • Now open any browser on your device and in the search bar type in
  • A settings page will open on your display. From this window, you will be able to configure the Uverse router settings.
  • Go to the “wireless settings” section and from there disable the WiFi settings.

Now you have successfully disabled the built-in router modem of Uverse. Therefore in order to set up your own router with the Uverse router network, you have to continue the further procedures.

[Note: It is always recommended that if the mentioned steps do not work properly then you can always take the help of the manual book of your Uverse router]

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  • Again open your web browser and this time in the search bar type in the IP address of your own router.
  • You will get redirected to the settings of your router page. 
  • Now go to the network settings section and from there choose the option saying, “DHCP or Bridge Mode”.

As you are connecting your own router with the built-in modem of Uverse. Therefore you need to create a bridged network.

In the End

So either you are trying to login to your Uverse account from the inbuilt router modem or from your own router, follow the above procedures. In the above sections, we have every topic related to the Uverse router.

Apart from just login procedures, the above topic also provides a piece of full information on how to reset your ATT Uverse router login and how to use your own router in order to access the att U verse login.