Printer Repair

4 Effective Solutions to Repair the Defective Printers — Recommended by Professionals

A printer, irrespective of its size or type, can last more than 5-6 years. With proper maintenance, the users can extend the device’s longevity even more. But, with time, due to consistent usage, the printers degrade their performance. As a result, you will face hindrances while performing the printing jobs. 

Most individuals tend to hire professionals to repair faulty printers. But, this is what you should never do in the first place. Because there are minor printer glitches that can be resolved even without a professional’s help. All you need is the right tools to repair the printer efficiently. 

Sometimes, the printer might start to work after tweaking some of the device settings. Moreover, you can overcome the critical paper jam issues with little or no repair skills. To fix such a problem, the users need to place the paper correctly in the tray. Make sure to check the paper type before printing the documents or files. Don’t put excessive papers on the tray, which can also create problems. And, here are a few more D-I-Y printer repair tips that can be beneficial in the long run:

  • Turn On and Off the Printer 

Well, sometimes, by restarting the printer, you can resolve a few issues. If the laser or inkjet printer has stopped responding, take out the papers from the tray first. Within a few minutes, connect the necessary cables of the printer with the computer. Right after that, consider turning off the device and unplugging the cables.

Retain the printer functionality by taking immediate action. Turn on the printer, and then choose a file that you want to print or scan. And, you will notice that the device will print the selected file within a few seconds. But, if the printer is making issues, then there might be wear and tear in the cables. Contact the experts of Printer Repair Dubai to replace the printer cables immediately. 

  • Check the Plug’s Connection

Sometimes, the printer might refuse to print due to connectivity issues. In these instances, you have to check whether the plug is properly connected to the PC. Make sure both the ends of the plugs are plugged correctly with the printer and computer. Or else, you won’t be able to print the necessary documents on time. 

Moreover, incompatible cables can lead to connectivity problems. So, consider using power cables that go with the printer model. And, if you need further help, get the printer repair Dubai by UAE Technician experts. 

Do you use a wireless printer in the home or office? Then, you have to attach a high-functioning USB cable to the computer. Additionally, the printer should be connected with a stable Wi-Fi connection. It will help you to avoid unwanted printing downtimes effectively. 

  • Analyse the Source of the Printing Problem

Without having prior knowledge about the printer error code, you can’t fix it. Therefore, you should first acknowledge the root cause of the printing issue. Most of the time, the printer error code shows what is wrong with the device. Consider fixing that printer unit to bring back the device on track. However, if there are no error messages displayed on the screen, check the settings.

Misconfiguration can be a potential cause of the completed printer errors. Move to the Control Panel first, and then head towards the “Hardware and Sound” section. From there, go with the “Devices and Printers” option. Can you see the printer name in this section? If not, opt for adding the printer to the device’s list. Then, consider tapping on the “Add a printer” option.

Within a few minutes, the OS will start scanning for the nearby printers. Choose the right printer name from the list to add it to the PC. And, consider choosing the “Set as the default printer” option then. Tap on the “Finish” button and print a page to check whether the error persists or not. If you are unable to resolve the problem, hire a printer repair Dubai by UAE Technician.

  • Update the Printer Drivers

When was the last time you updated the printer drivers? Was that a month ago? Then, make sure to update the drivers immediately to improve the device performance. Did you recently experience power surges or virus attacks? Then, there is a high chance that the drivers have become corrupted or damaged. In certain circumstances, you have to opt for updating the existing printer drivers. Or else it might adversely affect the printer’s functions. Installing new printer drivers ensures that the device is fault-free. 

But, the steps to update the printer driver might vary based on the OS. If you use a Windows device, then go to the “Device Manager” first. From there, move to the printers section and check where the drivers are. Choose the “Update Driver” option and wait until Windows completes this process. 

Didn’t get an option to update the driver? Then, opt for selecting the “Search automatically for updated driver software” option. Right after that, go through the on-screen instructions. It will help you to get the updated version of the printer driver. 

How Can You Update the Printer Driver of the Mac Devices?

If you are using a Mac device, then connect the printer with a USB. In this section, locate the printer’s name and select the “Update” option next. Then, search for the “System Preferences” option, and once you get that, tap on “Software Update”. Don’t close this window until Mac OS completes the driver installation process. Now, turn on the printer, and check whether it is printing without causing any problems. 

Unable to Repair the Printer? Hire an Expert Now!

You can also consider checking the printing ques if it has stopped working. Alternatively, the printer users can try to connect the printer with another PC. If more than one printer is connected to the PC, make sure to change the printer names. But, if these solutions fail to work, then there must be a critical problem, so contact professionals of printer repair Dubai by UAE Technician experts. Fix the printer at the earliest possible with their immediate intervention.