10 Unique boy names and their meanings

Choosing a unique yet classy name for your baby boy would be the most significant and joyous reason faced by every parent-to-be out there! You must have started scouring the internet to find the most unusual names that will suit your baby’s characteristics. 

In order to do hassle-free research, our list consists of the meaning of a boy’s name.

10 Rare yet Awesome boy names and their meanings 

The massive variety of names being utilized nowadays means the innovative boy names are more possibly accepted at the school or in their future organization. Truckloads of ways are there for a boy’s name to be top-notch, from spelling to brand new creations. 

Do you want a name that has some outdated elegance yet unique? 

At CocoFinder official website, we are encouraged mainly by those names, which are entirely unusual yet pervaded with glorious history and meaning.


Now, let’s get straight into the write-up, which includes the unique baby boy names and their meanings:

  • Atlas

The name ‘Atlas’ is derived from Greek mythology, which means ‘bearer of the heavens.’ 

It was previously considered too robust for the meaning of a boy’s name, symbolizing a person powerful enough to bear the responsibilities of the world on his shoulders. 

‘Atlas’ is one of the expeditiously emerging names in recent years in America, along with those names ‘Mars,’ ‘Apollo,’ or ‘Zeus.’

  • Arden

‘Arden’ is more of a unisex name and is derived from English origination. However, the name is quite unique and preferred by various boys’ parents. 

Being the most stylish and sleek name, it has firmly established its euphoria from the early 90s. However, the meaning of ‘Arden’ is the valley of the eagle. Well, in spite of ticking all the boxes with N-ending shape, elegant two-syllable, and its awe-inspiring nature-inspired meaning. 

  • Aurelius

Latin origin name ‘Aurelius’ has the meaning of a boy’s name, ‘the golden one.’ Since it was provided to the supermodel seal of approval by Elle Macpherson, ‘Aurelius’ was one of the eminent Roman emperor names, similar to ‘Augustus.’ 

You would definitely love to call him ‘Aurelius,’ and when your munchkin will respond to your summoning, you will thank yourself for naming him! Last but not least, like the female Aurora and Aurelia, ‘Aurelius’ possesses a mellow golden aura.

  • Bradford

Does that name bring serenity while listening? It should be as the name ‘Bradford,’ having a retro and English feel. It was previously known as the surname of boys, which generally derive from a town name in the United Kingdom, called ‘Bradford.’ 

Such a straightforward meaning of a boy’s name includes ‘broad ford.’ It means nothing but a shallow portion of the river that you can walk through without any hassle. Are you willing to give this name to your baby boy? Indeed, he will love that! 

  • Caspian

‘Caspian’ is a pretty cool name for the boys as it has major geographical significance. The name has got the most precious appellations because of its meaning ‘white.’ 

Moreover, being a top-notch geographical name of an immense salty ocean between Asia and Europe, the name probably inspired C.S Lewis to utilize it for his children’s novel, ‘Prince Caspian.’ So, your baby boy might be a fan of the Chronicles of Narnia series after seeing the similarity of his name to Prince Caspian. 

  • Caius

Every child is born with a cheerful smile on their faces. So, why don’t you consider naming her ‘Caius?’ Being best-in-class yet unique naming for your baby boy, it will fill your life with profound rejoice, as it is what his name means! 

Apart from that, ‘Caius’ is a severe yet classical name, and does have a simplistic and joyous trait. If you are of British ancestry, you may pronounce it with ‘eye-us.’ However, such a cute little baby boy’s name is listed on the 164 on our most extensive lists!

  • Denzel

The name ‘Denzel’ has taken from the old Cornish mythology, which means ‘from the powerful fortress.’ It was inspired by an entirely new identity of Denzel Washington. Therefore, giving your munchkin such a unique moniker will not only demonstrate his robust demeanor but also will love this name! Lastly, the character ‘Denzel’ was named after his dad, Dr. Denzel. 

  • Idris

Welsh or Arabian ancestry enriched name ‘Idris’ has immense popularity as the meaning of a boy’s name, ‘lord or meticulous.’ This Welsh name was elementarily anonymous before the inception of fantastic Idris Elba. 

It was first on ‘The Wire,’ and after that, portraying Nelson Mandela in the applauded film. So, your baby boy acclaims your effort after knowing the truth behind his beautiful name. 

  • Osiris

Originated from the Egyptian background, ‘Osiris’ has the meaning of a boy’s name, ‘with powerful eyesight.’ Furthermore, as per Egyptian mythology, ‘Osiris’ was the name of a god-king who has died and reincarnated every year. 

Springing up from the centuries of anonymity, ‘Osiris’ has countless ingredients for success in the advanced world. Apart from its ancient myth background, it also possesses some elevating meaning with cute nicknames, including ‘Os’ or ‘Oz.’

  • Orson

The name itself signifies its ‘bear cub’ image in Latin and English. Mythology has revealed that Orson Welles has previously left his general name of ‘George,’ encouraging his more differentiating middle one. He seemed to own it throughout his lifetime. Therefore, your baby boy will fall in love with this name after knowing all such histories! You must be naming him ‘Orson!’

Concluding words

The inclination of innovative names is more nowadays than ever before! Here we have represented the coolest yet unique names, and the meaning of a boy’s name originated from ancient Rome, Greek, Egypt, Latin, and England too! 

The Bible is also enriched in top-notch boys’ names. However, from the top 10 lists, as mentioned earlier, of unique baby boys’ names and their meanings, we are pretty confident these names will melt your heart. Therefore, skim through the content above and pick a unique name for your baby boy, which definitely have some vintage touch!